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Not quite sure why the top 3 festivals for shorts in this list are 3 of the largest and most successful mainstream feature-length film festivals in the world. Does that mean that by default they do everything better than everyone else, regardless of format or genre? Beyond that, it doesn't seem too feasible to attempt an accurate list of all the short film festivals in the world, plus all the festivals in the world that have a shorts category. Most of the lists we are referencing are extremely fragmented and in some instances have not been updated in five or more years.


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Subject: [Filmfestivalresearch] seeking list of short filmfestivals/festivals with shorts category

This is great!  Thanks Tyrone.

I give presentations around the world about how young filmmakers can work
the festivals to their career advantage.

Here is some data I have collected and it might help (Keep my in mind for
any panels or classes, I am looking for paying gigs.  I do Talent Campus,
Deutsche Welle, Chapman University, Woodbury University, UCLA Extension
among others - mainly at festivals but not always:

5 Top Festivals for Shorts (But not the only ones!)

1.Cannes Fest(s) and Shorts Corner. May 9 ­ 19, 2013
during the Cannes Film Festival, the Cinefondation
<http://www.festival-cannes.com/en/cinefoundation.html> has a shorts
2.Sundance FF.  January 17 ­ 27, 2013
http://www.sundance.org/festival/ or see the winners
ce-2012-shorts-competition-172532156.html> 2012
3. Berlin Fest and Talent Campus. February 7 ­ 17, 2013
http://www.berlinale.de <http://www.berlinale.de/>
4. Clermont Ferrand Fest and Market. February 1 ­ 9, 2013
5. Oberhausen Fest and Market.  May 2 ­ 7, 2013

Chile has its Santiago Shorts Film Festival de Chile
/> as Mexico has Expresión en Corto <http://www.expresionencorto.com/>.
These are not only for Spanish language films and are important industry

New short film festivals are sprouting up like Zone Horror CUT! Short
Film Competition <http://www.zonehorror.tv/cut.php> which gives a £2,000

There is also the Filminute Festival <http://www.filminute.com/>.  Film
Independent¹s Los Angeles Film Festival
ission-guidelines> takes shorts which then qualify them for Academy Award
nominations, as does LALIFF (Los Angeles Latino International Film

Here are other good sources about shorts, whether spaces for them,
distributors, or buyers:

€100 short film festivals

€Short films cover a whole range of categories ­ animated, documentary,
experimental, live action, musical, travelogue, fashion, to name a few,
and they allow experiments with cinematic styles and format at the
starting point in careers.

€Research the types of festivals which reach your type of audience

€British Council Festival Directory lists 1495 Festivals.

€Withoutabox lists more than 5,000.
https://www.withoutabox.com <https://www.withoutabox.com/>

€OpenFilm http://www.openfilm.com/film-festivals/

Hope this is useful!

Sydney Levine

P.S. Does someone have a good list of festivals for documentaries??

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>Hi All
>UFFO, The Universal Film and Festival Organization has a pretty good list
>all kinds of film festivals (including shorts), only difference is that
>these festivals are members of the UFFO organization and all festival
>members have adopted the UFFO remit of "Best Business Practices" for film
>festivals. These festivals are all over the world and are demonstrating
>transparency to the wider community. www.uffo.org UFFO is entirely non
>profit and free to join, the organization also has a magazine that covers
>all aspects of film festivals worldwide.www.ufmag.biz
>We would welcome any input to the magazine and welcome new members of
>The list of festivals are on our web site
>Kind Regards 
>Tyrone D Murphy 
>CEO - Universal Film & Festival Organization - www.uffo.org (203
>International Film Festivals)
>Editor - Universal Film Magazine - www.ufmag.biz (going out to 3.7 M in
>100 countries free)
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>filmfestivals/festivals with shorts category
>Hi Laura
>The British Council Festivals Directory is a good resource - not shorts
>specific, but kept up-to-date and probably as comprehensive as any other
>festivals list:
>Best wishes,
>Matt Lloyd
>Glasgow Short Film Festival
>13-16 February 2014
>Follow GSFF on Facebook and Twitter
>Glasgow Film is an operating name of Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT). A company
>limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland No. 97369 with its registered
>office at 12 Rose Street, Glasgow, G3 6RB. GFT is registered as a charity
>(No SC005932) with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.
>On 3 Aug 2013, at 06:39, Laura MacGregor wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This is Laura MacGregor in Tokyo. I am currently writing a report on the
>Shortshorts Film Festival and Asia (Tokyo) and would like to find a list
>short film festivals/festivals with a shorts category that is fairly
>comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date.
>> So far I have a fairly accurate-looking list from: http://www.raindance
>> but it is not complete or up-to-date.
>> If someone could suggest a better source/list, I would be grateful.
>> Thanking you in advance,
>> Laura MacGregor
>> Laura MacGregor
>> Professor of English, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Centre,
>Chuo-to 715
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