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*The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism*(publishing:

A definitive project of 750,000 words – 250+ entries averaging 3,000 words
– with contributions by leading academic specialists from around the world

General Editors: Immanuel Ness and Saër Maty Bâ

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Dear Listserve Members,

Following our first calls for essays (e.g., on the BAFTSS and MeCCSA
listserves) as well as the incredible response we have received from
leading scholars of imperialism and anti-Imperialism, we wanted to
circulate some of our entries pertaining to Film Festivals.

* *

*The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism *will be a
scholarly reference work that will include the most current literature on
the subject. The project will have a broad readership attracting academics
and graduate and upper-level undergraduate students across the globe
studying imperialism and anti-imperialism in the contemporary era. Many leading
academic specialists are already signed up to write essays that will cover
different themes, from various perspectives. As such, this work will be
more like an edited volume of many essays that will help define the state
of the study of imperialism and anti-imperialism from a historical and
comparative perspective today. It will also be peer-reviewed by a host of
leading scholars spanning the academic disciplines.

All essays will clearly lay out the topic, provide historical context and
apply a relevant analytic viewpoint, and will include a short
bibliography. Contributors
to *The Palgrave* *Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism* should
also apply relevant analytic viewpoints as most scholarly books would do.
We intend the essays in the work to go beyond description to an analysis of
the major currents in each of the topics. In this respect, *The Palgrave
Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism* is also a
scholarly-reference work. Scholarly-reference counts for academic purposes
equivalently to almost all refereed journal articles.

We anticipate that the essays on Film Festivals should be broad-gage and
between 3,000 – 4,000/5,000 words long* *– including notes, a bibliography,
and captions for any illustration/s.

The deadline for submitting essays is: *July 5th, 2013*.

Colleagues who wish to write 2 entries should note that the submission
deadline for the first one is:* by May 5th, 2013*.


   - Film Festivals and Imperialism/Anti-Imperialism, *Africa (North)*
   - Film Festivals and Imperialism/Anti-Imperialism, *Africa (Sub-Saharan)*
   - Film Festivals and Imperialism/Anti-Imperialism, *Australasia*
   - Film Festivals and Imperialism/Anti-Imperialism, *Europe*
   - Film Festivals and Imperialism/Anti-Imperialism, *Caribbean*
   - Film Festivals and Imperialism/Anti-Imperialism, *South Asia*

Interested colleagues should forward to the general editors an abridged CV
clearly stating their research interests and output relevant to this call,
as well as their current institutional affiliation (as applicable). We
welcome constructive ideas as well.

(Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions we are unable to offer payment
to contributors.)

Kindly find below a list of Editorial Advisory Committee members.

With thanks, and best regards and wishes,

Saër Maty Bâ, PhD

General Editor

drsaerba1 at gmail.com

Immanuel Ness, PhD

General Editor

iness at brooklyn.cuny.edu

* *


*Immanuel Ness* is a professor of Political Science at Brooklyn College of
the City University of New York and the author of numerous works on
immigration, social and political movements and worker organizations. He is
author of *Immigrants, Unions, and the New US* *Labor Market* (2005) and *Guest
Workers and Resistance to US Corporate Despotism* (2011) and *Migration in
a World of Inequality*(forthcoming ). He is General Editor of the *Encyclopedia
of Global Human Migration *with Alex Julca (2013), and editor of the
peer-reviewed journal *WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society*. He is
working on forthcoming books, including one on film, labour and migration
with Saër Maty Bâ.

*Saër Maty Bâ* has taught film studies, and visual culture, at the
universities of Bangor, East London, Portsmouth, Exeter, and St Andrews
(UK). His research blurs boundaries between diaspora, film, media, and
cultural studies. His articles and reviews have appeared in journals such
as *Transnational Cinemas*, *Senses of Cinema*, *Studies in Documentary Film
*, *Film International*, *Cultural Studies Review*, *Culture Machine*,
and *Ecquid
Novi: African Journalism Studies *(forthcoming). He is co-editor of:
Diasporas in Cinema and New (Digital) Media/*Special issue of* Journal of
Media Practice* (Vol. 11 Issue 1, 2010); *Media(te) Migrations and
Migrant(s’) Disciplines: Contrasting Approaches to Crossings*/Special issue
of *Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture *(Vol. 3 Issue 2, 2012);
and the book *De-Westernizing Film Studies *(2012). He is associate editor
of *The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration *(2013) and editorial board
member of the peer-reviewed journal *WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and
Society*. He is working on forthcoming books, including one on film, labour
and migration with Immanuel Ness.


§ Mr John Akomfrah OBE, Filmmaker and Theorist (Smoking Dogs Films) London,

§ Dr Vian T. Bakir, School of Creative Studies and Media, Bangor
University, Wales, UK

§ Prof. Walden Bello, Department of Sociology, Binghamton University, USA

§ Dr Yifen T. Beus, School of International Cultural Studies and Languages,
Brigham Young University, HAWA‘I

§ Dr Richard Bradbury, Writer/Lecturer/Activist, The Open University, UK

§ Prof. Stephen E. Bronner, Department of Political Science, Rutgers
University, USA

§ Dr Claudio Canaparo, Department of Iberian and Latin American Studies,
Birkbeck College (University of London); *Professeurattaché à la recherche*,
*Université catholique de Louvain*, UK/BELGIUM

§ Dr Rajinder Dudrah, Department of Drama / Centre for Screen Studies,
University of Manchester, UK

§ Dr Bill Fletcher, Jr., Institute for Policy Studies, USA

§ Dr Patti Gaal-Holmes, Artist/Filmmaker and Historian, Portsmouth, UK

§ Prof. Graeme Harper, Director, The Honors College, Oakland University, USA

§Dr Winston Mano, Director, Africa Media Centre; Communication and Media
Research Institute, University of Westminster, UK

§ Dr Martin Mhando, School of Media, Communication and Culture, Murdoch
University, AUSTRALIA

§ Dr Sheila Petty, Dean of Fine Arts, University of Regina, CANADA

§ Dr Elena Pollacchi, Chinese Studies, Stockholm University, SWEDEN

§ Dr Gavin Schaffer, Department of History, University of Birmingham, UK

§ Dr Ousmane Sène, The West African Research Centre; and Cheikh Anta Diop
University (English), SENEGAL

§ Dr Ashwani Sharma, School of Arts and Digital Industries, University of
East London, UK

§ Dr Deborah Shaw, School of Creative Arts and Media, University of
Portsmouth, UK

§ Dr Marcel Stoetzler, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University, Wales,

§ Prof. Keyan Tomaselli, Director, Centre for Cultural and Media Studies,
University of Kwazulu-Natal, SOUTH AFRICA

§ Dr Valentina Vitali, School of Arts and Digital Industries, University of
East London, UK

§ Prof. Michael Wayne, Department of Film and TV Studies, Brunel
University, UK

§ Prof. Cornel West, The Institute of Art, Religion and Social Justice,
Union Theological Seminary, USA

§ Prof. Patrick Williams, College of Arts and Science, Nottingham Trent
University, UK


‘... to contemplate what the “arrival lounge” of humanity might be like.’

L. Back

Dr Saer Maty Ba, PhD

researcher/lecturer/writer: film studies, visual culture studies, critical

copy-editor, proof-reader, translator/interpreter

*penpal* publishing and translating services

latest publications:


*The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration* (W-B, 2013) - associate
editor, translator, and contributor

*De-Westernizing Film Studies* (Routledge, 2012) - co-editor and contributor




*Crossings, Vol. 3 No. 2, *special edition* *(Intellect, 2012) *- *co-editor
and contributor



'Close encounters of a migrant kind: Of mirages, peripheries and
orthodoxies'. *Crossings, Vol. 3 No. 2*

‘Jean Rouch as “Emergent Method”: towards new realms of relevance’. *Film
International* 57, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2012.


 E-mail: drsaerba1 at gmail.com

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