[Filmfestivalresearch] Updates to the Chinese Film Festival Studies website

Luke Robinson Luke.Robinson at sussex.ac.uk
Sun Aug 31 18:11:17 CEST 2014

Dear List Members,

We have another brief round-up notice detailing updates to the Chinese Film Festival Studies website (www.chinesefilmfeststudies.org). In the past month, we’ve added the following material:

NEWS: There is a small item of news about the Sundance Festival expanding its screenings to Hong Kong. Inevitably, however, the past week has been dominated by news of the shut down the Beijing Independent Film Festival. This situation is obviously still unfolding, but we have a post that tried to pull together links to English-language reports on what happened in Songzhuang. We also have files, in English and Chinese (translations courtesy of Scott E. Myers), of some of the notices from the Li Xianting Foundation that were accessible on weibo. Finally, we have a link to the article penned by Zhang Xianmin (Beijing Film Academy) in response to the shutdown, and available on the Chinese language website of The New York Times.

FESTIVAL REPORTS: We have two new reports. First, Ming-Yeh Rawnsley has written us a report on the second installment of the Screening Taiwan series that took place at SOAS in London. Second, Scott E. Myers has allowed us to upload an eyewitness report from the first day of the BIFF, outlining events as he saw experienced them.

Thank you,

Chris Berry and Luke Robinson

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