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The following panel is confirmed as part of the AEJMC Conference in Montreal (Aug 6-9).   http://www.aejmc.org

We are looking for panelists --topics could include for example how Pusan Film Festival transformed Pusan into a global city, and we are particularly interested in someone who can address some element of the topic of "Film Festivals as a Field of Academic Study"  
Film and Television Festivals:  Changing Media and City Landscapes

Once not so long ago in the 1990s, Comic Con was a little festival for Star Trek and comic book geeks.  Today it is the place for Hollywood to test out new ideas, debut new shows, and network with fans in person to generate hype that can be fostered into further media and Internet attention for their products.  Seventy years ago, Venice launched the world’s first film festival, and today there are hundreds of television and film festivals around that world.  They have changed the visual landscape of cities, as in the case of Sundance or more recently Korea’s Pusan Film Festival.  They have allowed films that would have never gotten distribution to have their chance for a public screening and perhaps, depending on audience-generated hype, to be picked up by a distributor for television or an art house release. Elitism has decreased as more people are able financially to make films and as there has become an increasing number of outlets for audiovisual product.  Students studying film and television today have more opportunities, through festivals, to launch their careers.  In this panel we look at, the opportunities that film and television festivals have opened for education, funding, audience engagement and civic pride, and how they should perhaps be folded into communications studies curriculum. 

Please submit abstracts to aliayunis at mindspring.com by January 20, 2014

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> Hi there,
> Please see the notice below about our upcoming Higher Learning panel, *Women
> and Film - Women's Cinema and Film History*, on Tuesday, October 8 from
> 11:00am to 12:30pm.
> Instructions for faculty and staff on how to book free tickets are below.
> Please feel free to forward to any colleagues or students who may be
> interested.
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> Keith
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> Women and Film: Women's Cinema and Film History
> Tuesday, October 8 from 11:00am to 12:30pm
>  Post-secondary students and faculty are invited to join panelists Kay
> Armatage, Melinda Barlow, and Noreen Golfman as they consider the legacy of
> the Toronto International Women and Film Festival 1973 and the significance
> of women's film festivals in the transnational exhibition circuit. The
> panel will be moderated by Rina Fraticelli, Executive Director of Women in
> View.
>  Since the turn to the silent era in Film History, feminist cinema
> scholars have been scouring the archives for traces of women's
> participation in the early days of the film industry. And justly so: it is
> well known that women were proportionately more numerous in silent era
> cinema than they were until the 16mm revolution of the 1960s. Now, however,
> forty years after the founding of the women's film festival movement (New
> York and Toronto, 1972/73), the films by women directors of the 1970s and
> 1980s, along with the documentation of women's film festivals, are in
> peril. Women's film festivals have been notoriously ephemeral, often
> depending on volunteer labour, short-term work-spaces, and minimal or
> non-existent storage facilities. Many of the 16mm prints and videos shown
> in women's film festivals are lost or degraded, and the catalogues and
> other evidence of the festivals have disappeared. There are no archival
> collections specializing in the area. The contribution to knowledge of
> women's film history made by women's film festivals, along with the very
> objects the festivals celebrated, are in danger of being lost. At a time
> when attention is massively returning to women filmmakers and women's film
> festivals are popping up all over the world (with Beijing and Santiago
> about to undertake their second festivals, and Mumbai just starting up),
> this panel considers the significance of women's film festivals in the
> transnational exhibition circuit.
> This event is a co-presentation with the University of Toronto’s Cinema
> Studies Institute, the St. John's International Women's Film Festival, and
> Women in View.
>  ---
> Melinda Barlow is Associate Professor of Film Studies at the University of
> Colorado, Boulder, where she received the Boulder Faculty Assembly
> Excellence in Teaching Award, the Gold Best Should Teach Award, and the
> Dean's Senior Honors Teaching Fellowship. She is the editor of Mary Lucier:
> Art & Performance (2000) and co-curator of Primal Seen: Selections from the
> CU Art Museum's Collection of Photography from the 19th Century to the
> Present (2013). Barlow is currently writing a book on film, female identity
> and art collecting titled My Museum: A Memoir in Art.
> Noreen Golfman is Dean of Graduate Studies at Memorial University
> Newfoundland, Professor of English and Film Studies, former President of
> Canadian Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities, and member of the
> Executive Committee of the Film Studies Association of Canada.  She is the
> founding Director and Chair of the St. John's International Women's Film
> Festival, Vice-Chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development
> Corporation and Chair of the board of the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.
> In addition to scholarly publications, she has written on the arts and
> culture in more popular journals.
>  Kay Armatage is Professor Emerita at the Cinema Studies Institute of the
> University of Toronto. She is the author of The Girl from God's Country:
> Nell Shipman and the Silent Cinema (UTP 2003) and co-editor of Gendering
> the Nation: Canadian Women's Cinema (UTP 1999). As an adjunct to her
> academic work, Armatage has produced and directed documentary and
> experimental narrative films, and was one of the organizers of the Toronto
> Women & Film International Festival 1973. She later worked as an
> international programmer for TIFF for over twenty years, and served as
> Vice-Chair of the Ontario Arts Council from 1991 to 1997.
> *The event is open to the public – tickets will be available for free on
> the morning of the event at the TIFF Bell Lightbox Box Office (located at
> 350 King St. W**.) This event is part of Forty Years On: The Women & Film
> International Film Festival
> 1973<http://tiff.net/filmsandschedules/tiffbelllightbox/2013/2440005280>taking
> place October 6 - 8
> *
> *Faculty members and administrators
> *
> *Advance bookings:* Faculty members and administrators can reserve blocks
> of tickets for their classes. We are extending this offer to all
> universities and colleges, and are therefore trying to limit the number of
> reserved tickets to 30 per professor. We are also filling the orders on a
> first-come, first-served, basis so if you think you would be interested in
> bringing a class, it would be best to send your requests as soon as
> possible, to hlf at tiff.net, putting the name of the specific event in the
> subject heading.
> *Same day ticket availability:* The remaining tickets for each event will
> be made available on a first-come, first- served basis. Tickets are limited
> to one per person and are available one hour before the event's start time
> at the Steve & Rashmi Gupta Box Office on the first floor of TIFF Bell
> Lightbox, located at 350 King Street West. Faculty and administrators must
> show college or university faculty/staff cards for admittance.
> *University and college students*
> *Advance bookings:* Only faculty members and administrators can reserve
> blocks of tickets for their classes.
> *Same day ticket availability: *The remaining tickets for each event will
> be made available on a first-come, first- served, basis. Tickets are
> limited to one per person and are available one hour before the event's
> start time at the Steve & Rashmi Gupta Box Office on the first floor of
> TIFF Bell Lightbox, located at 350 King Street West. Students must show
> valid college or university cards for admittance.
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