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Luke Robinson Luke.Robinson at sussex.ac.uk
Sat Jan 25 14:27:24 CET 2014

Dear List Members,

In the new year, we have another brief round-up notice detailing updates to the Chinese Film Festival Studies website (www.chinesefilmfeststudies.org). In the past month, we’ve added the following material:

NEWS: On April 1, 2014, the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese Film Festival Studies Network will host a one-day conference on Chinese film festivals. This is open to non-network members, and we invite proposals for papers to be presented. Details can be found on the News section of the website. In addition, network member Ming-Yeh Rawnsley has published a report in Screen of a conference in Manchester on the Chinese and Asian film distribution and exhibition in the UK. The journal has kindly allowed us to link to this publication – which may be of interest to reader – and this link can be found on the website.

FESTIVAL REPORTS: We have two new reports from network members. Dina Iordanova (St Andrews) reviews the Festival du Cinema Chinois in Paris, which took place in November 2013. Ma Ran (Nagoya) reports from the 4th iteration of the Chinese Independent Film Festival in Tokyo, which took place in December 2013.  In addition, James Mudge of the Chinese Visual Festival has kindly shared with us a report on the 10th China Independent Film Festival, held last year in Nanjing.

COMING SOON: We are developing the general bibliography of non-academic writing on Chinese Film festivals, which will be available on the website shortly.

Thank you,

Chris Berry and Luke Robinson

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