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Linda Rath linda.rath at baruch.cuny.edu
Tue Feb 10 21:28:39 CET 2015

Dear List Members,

I invite you to view the Fantastic Film Festivals (FFF), US & Canada website: http://fantasticfilmfests.com
More items have been added to the collections. Please contact me with feedback, comments, and questions.

FFF is a collection of U.S. & Canadian fantastic film fest artifacts and resources. Browse or search horror, science fiction, and fantasy film festival programs (original and reformatted), logos/images, data sets, analysis, and literature citations. FFF promotes scholarship and cultural heritage participation. Media scholars, genre enthusiasts, festival programmers, cinephiles, curators, media makers, and librarians are invited to explore & contribute to this site.

This site emphasizes:

  *   collecting programs/schedules from fantastic film festivals & reformatting them for scholarship & analysis, convenient searching, and cultural heritage preservation
  *   academic resources and scholarly endeavors seeking to expand upon US/Canadian fantastic film festival knowledge and literature
  *   compiling resources for dedicated genre enthusiasts & festival attendees seeking to identify festivals, films, or directors for personal enrichment
  *   sharing FFF items for scholarly use or general awareness of genre film festivals

Best regards,
Linda Rath, FFF Site Administrator

Linda Rath
Graduate Services Librarian
Newman Library, Baruch College
The City University of New York
New York, NY

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