[Filmfestivalresearch] Europe as Hub for Global Cinema, Paris, October 2015

Dina Iordanova dina.iordanova at st-andrews.ac.uk
Wed Jul 1 05:45:16 CEST 2015

>Dear friends and colleagues,
>This coming October we are offering a unique residential module ­ EUROPE
>AS HUB OF GLOBAL CINEMA ­ which will take place
>over four days in Paris. It deals with issues of Europe¹s film industry,
>it will be taught at Science Po at their location in Quartier Latin and
>Will feature some high profile speakers, thus opening up networking
>This is a Continuous Professional Development opportunity. The module can
>be taken as CPD, or for credit toward an MFA degree. Please see the brief
>description below.
>For more information and to apply, visit
>and http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/globalcinema/?page_id=1081
>Later in the Fall, our next four-day module will take place in Toronto,
>at the headquarters of the Toronto International Film
>Festival, in November 2015. I will be sending information about this
>May I please ask you to spread the word around?
>I would be much obliged!
>Looking forward to seeing you in Paris.
>Dina Iordanova
>The Institute for Global Cinema and Creative Cultures
>University of St Andrews, Scotland
>Europe as Hub for Global Cinema: Institutions, Policies, Venues
>19-22 October 2015, Sciences Po, Paris,
>Offered on a continuous education basis, this module offers, over four
>days, lectures and seminars that focus on
>the role of Europe as central hub for the circulation of global cinema and
>other cultural content.
>Participants will gain unique insights and understanding of key players
>(pan-European and national
>institutions; festivals and other cultural clusters), as well as of the
>logic that reins in Europe¹s cultural galaxy. Specific attention is
>dedicated to
>exploring the central position of France, alongside other bigger and
>smaller countries, as well as to the particularities and present-day state
>Europe¹s film and other creative industries, and the EUs cultural policy
>Featuring high profile speakers whose expertise ranges from criticism and
>writing on film (Jean-Michel Frodon) through management
>of cinema in a national context (CNC director Xavier Lardoux), film
>economy (Prof.Laurent Creton, Sorbonne Nouvelle), co-productions in Europe
>and beyond
>(producer Marianne Slot), to film circulation and film festivals (academic
>and author Prof. Dina Iordanova, University of St Andrews), this unique
>event will foster great opportunities for networking and intellectual
>exchange. The session may be taken on a stand alone basis for
>Continuous Professional Development(CPD) purposes. Attendees will be
>issued with a Certificate of Attendance.
>For information and to apply, see
>and http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/globalcinema/?page_id=622
>The module is also a building block within our new programme in Global
>Cinema: Managing and
>Cultural Curation, and can also be taken for credit toward our new Master
>of Fine Arts degree. For information, see
>Dina Iordanova, Professor of Global
>Cinema and Creative Cultures, IGCCC, University of St Andrews, Scotland.
>Jean-Michel Frodon, Professorial
>Fellow, IGCCC, University of St Andrews and Associate Professor,
>SPEAP,Sciences Po, Paris, France.
>Author: Projection Publique http://blog.slate.fr/projection-publique
>Xavier Lardoux, Director of Cinema at the Centre National de Cinema (CNC),
>Paris. Will discuss public support
>policies and actions, on the example of the unique experience of the CNS
>Prof. Laurent Creton, leading authority on film economics at Paris 3
>Sorbonne Nouvelle. Will talk about
>the specifics of film industries in France and Europe at large.
>Marianne Slot, film producer, Slot Machine, Copenhagen and Paris. Will
>discuss issues of Europe-wide co-production, as well
>as co-producing between Europe and other countries (Latin America, Asia).
>Dina Iordanova FRSA
>Professor of Global Cinema and Creative Cultures
>Director, IGCCC
>Publisher, St Andrews Film Studies
>University of St Andrews, Scotland

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