[Filmfestivalresearch] Workshop and seminar about documentary and film festivals (St Andrews, Scotland, 31.10.2015, 3.11.2015)

Aida Vallejo aida_vallejo at yahoo.es
Mon Oct 19 19:17:55 CEST 2015

For those all those interested in the study of documentary film and film festivals,we invite you to 2 events which will take place soon at the University of St Andrews in Scotland:
- WORKSHOP AND ROLE PLAY (31st October, 2015): "Film Festivals behind the Scenes. An interactive wokrhsop on the thrills and spills of presenting a successful event" (presentations by Dina Iordanova, Aida Vallejo, Sara Smith, Bilge Tas and Alexandra Maria Colta): http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/globalcinema/film-festivals-behind-the-scenes/
- TALK: Breeding Documentary in the Festival Ecosystem by Dr Aida Vallejo (3rd November, 2015) http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/filmstudies/event/cfs-talk-dr-aida-vallejo-university-of-the-basque-country-on-the-festival-ecosystem-as-documentary-breeding-ground/
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aida_vallejo at yahoo.esPUBLICATIONS/ PUBLICACIONES:

- AidaVallejo (2015) “Documentary Filmmakers on the Circuit. A Festival Career from CzechDream to Czech Peace“, in Deprez, Camille y Pernin, Judith(Eds.)  Post-1990 Documentary. Reconfiguring Independence(Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh), pp.171-187.
- Númeromonográfico sobre festivales cinematográficos. Special issue on filmfestivals (in Spanish). Editado por Aida Vallejo. Secuencias. Revista deHistoria del cine , Nº 39, primer semestre, 2014. Article: “Festivalescinematográficos. En el punto de mira de la historiografía fílmica” (“FilmFestivals. In the Focus of Film Historiography”, in Spanish), pp.13-42.Disponible en / Available at: Maiaediciiones.Revista Secuencias en Facebook
-González-Abrisketa, Olatz y Vallejo Vallejo, Aida (2014) “Circuitos dedistribución y espacios para la difusión del cine etnográfico contemporáneo:una guía práctica”, en Anales del Museo de Antropología, n.16, pp.60-82. ISSN: 1135-1853. Pdf gratuito aquí.
-Vallejo, Aida (2014) “Industry Sections. Documentary Film Festivals betweenProduction and Distribution”, en Iluminace.  Journal of Film Theory,History, and Aesthetics (número especial sobre festivalescinematográficos/special issue on film festivals), Vol. 26, nº1, pp. 65-82.ISSN: 0862-397X.

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