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*The following CFP might be of interest to scholars examining **film
festivals and **Hollywood stardom.  Please share with faculty, students and
colleagues. *


*2017 Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) 4th International
Conference *

*Bridging Gaps: Where is the film scholar in Hollywood filmmaking?*

*Performance Café, University of Southern California*

*Los Angeles, USA *

*March 18-19, 2017*

There have been significant debates on gaps between filmmakers and film
scholars. Film scholars have been critical of dominant representations that
tend to overlook classist, sexist, and ethnocentric trends in the
production of films and glamorous images in Hollywood. Yet, scholarly views
in academic writing are not adequately addressed in film production and in
journalism. Scholars can address the issues through journalism and moving
image practices in which filmmakers are trained. CMCS sponsored *Celebrity
Chat *is an example of this trend. Can a new form of film ‘critic’ be
situated in journalistic and scholarly discussions and screenings? Can the
critiques become a new form of ‘activism’ that is different yet supports
ideals of celebrity activism in Hollywood and beyond?

The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) *Bridging Gaps*
conference series, in association with sponsors Centre for Ecological,
Social, and Informatics Cognitive Research (ESI.CORE) and WaterHill
Publishing, invites papers and audiovisual material that explore the
relationship among four key themes related to Hollywood – theory,
production, criticism, and activism. We invite academics, filmmakers,
journalists, publicists, and guests to present and connect cutting-edge
research areas from a range of interdisciplinary fields and address social
justice issues in moving image practices.

We also invite people to send in videos for the *Celebrity Chat* Award. The
best video/documentary will be selected based on its ability to draw
attention to a significant matter, be relevant to the conference theme and
inspire change. Extended versions of selected papers will be invited for

*Registration includes*: Your printed conference package*,* coffee / tea
breaks, access to evening receptions, evening drinks, professional
development workshop, and consideration for the CMCS $100 best paper and
$100 screen awards.

*Submission guidelines:*

   - 250-word abstract or workshop / roundtable proposal
      - Include a title, your name, e-mail address, and affiliation if
      - Submit to conference Chair Dr Samita Nandy at email address:
      *celeb.studies2017 at gmail.com* <celeb.studies2017 at gmail.com>
      - Deadline for abstract submission: *October 31, 2016*
      - Notification of acceptance: *December 2, 2016*
      - Full text due:* February, 17, 2017*
      - Conference presentation and reception: *March 18-19, 2017*

*Celebrity Chat** Video Submissions:*

   - Video length should be 10-20 minutes
   - Include a title, your name, e-mail address, and affiliation if
   - Submit to *Celebrity Chat *producer Dr Jackie Raphael at email
   address: *celeb.studies2017 at gmail.com*
   - Deadline for submission: *October 31, 2016*
   - Notification of acceptance:* December 2, 2016*
   - Conference screening: *March 18-19, 2017*

*Topics include but are not limited to:*

   - Hollywood and non-Hollywood stardom
   - Entertainment industry
   - Film, video, and television
   - Cinematic adaptations of novels
   - Photography
   - Glamour and beauty
   - Mass media and social media
   - Journalism
   - Interviews
   - Public relations
   - Persona and branding
   - Endorsements
   - Social advocacy
   - Celebrity activism
   - Activists as celebrities
   - Human rights and animal rights
   - Environment and climate change
   - Audiences and fandom
   - Laws and Policies
   - Theory and Methods
   - Research Agenda
   - Business Models
   - Ethics and Morality
   - Cognition and Memory
   - Media Literacy
   - Social Innovation and Change
   - Education and Advocacy
   - Community Building
   - Business and Community Partnerships

*Conference Chair*: Dr Samita Nandy

*Conference Committee Members*: Dr Jackie Raphael, Dr Nicole Bojko and
Kiera Obbard
*URL*: www.cmc-centre.com/losangeles  | *Twitter*: @celeb_studies
<http://www.twitter.com/celeb_studies> #BGCS17

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