[Filmfestivalresearch] NECS in Paris CFP: Film Audiences and the Festival Experience

Valck, M. de (Marijke) m.devalck at uu.nl
Thu Jan 12 11:14:43 CET 2017

Dear colleagues,

For the NECS conference in Paris I would like to put together a panel on film festival audiences and the experience of visiting festivals. If you are interested in joining such a panel, please mail me your proposal for a paper presentation of max. 20 minutes, including name, email address, the title of the paper, an abstract (100-200 words), key biographical references, and a short bio (max 150 words).

Mail me at m.devalck at uu.nl<mailto:m.devalck at uu.nl> by Monday January 23rd 2017.

Best wishes
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