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On the occasion of Locarno Festival and several further film festivals of
the summer the German film trade magazine Blickpunkt:Film published the
second issue of Fokus:Festival. On top of some comprehensive insights into
the development of the covered festivals, Eva Sangiogri describes her vision
for the future of the Viennale, as new artistic director. The 5 Faves by
Mirsad Purivatra, which focus on the Sarajevo Film Festival with its
long-standing partnerships and illustrates the strategic perspective of the
European Commission on film festivals. Finally, the scientific contribution
Film Festivals the new player in the market deals with the continuous
transformation of numerous film festivals into highly diversified media

Download the issue for free: <http://Download%20the%20issue%20for%20free:>
pdf> www.filmfestival-studien.de/wp-content/uploads/Fokus_Festivals_nr-2.pdf

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