[Filmfestivalresearch] Query on advertising film festivals in the 1960s

ger zielinski, ph.d. ger.zielinski at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 04:11:01 CET 2019

Hello All,

Here’s a festival question from a friend working on Japanese cinema. If you
have a hunch, do let me know!

“I'm translating an interview by Kurosawa, who mentions a particular ad he
saw in an international competition. I'm thinking it must be the CLIOs,
which played somewhere, but maybe not. Do you know of any advertising film
festivals that took place back in the 60s? This interview is from 1970, and
Kurosawa was all over Europe going to fests in those days. If anything
comes to mind, could you let me know? The ad is for an institution for
children's neurological disorders.”

All the best,

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