[Filmfestivalresearch] [nh] New films of Magnus von Horn, Anna Kazejak, Andrzej Jakimowski and Paweł Łoziński among 24 selected projects I Polish Days at New Horizons IFF

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Thu Jul 9 16:32:20 CEST 2020

July 9 
  New films of Magnus von Horn, Anna Kazejak, Andrzej Jakimowski and Paweł Łoziński among 24 selected projects I Polish Days at New Horizons IFF 
  The 2020 edition of Polish Days, one of the most important industry events in Poland, will take place July 27 - 29 online. Even though the New Horizons IFF, that usually is a frame for Polish Days, has been moved to November 2020, Polish filmmakers will have a chance to take part in July events thanks to its online formula. 
  This year's event will feature 6 completed films, 8 as part of a presentation of works in progress and 10 projects in development. Congratulations to all! 
  fot. Sweat, dir. Magnus von Horn 
  → Full list of selected projects 
  Completed films 
  25 Years of Innocence (Jan Holoubek), Dear Ones (Grzegorz Jaroszuk), Love Tasting (Dawid Nickel), Magnesia (Maciek Bochniak), Simple Things (Grzegorz Zariczny), Sweat (Magnus von Horn) 
  fot. Prime Time, dir. Jakub Piątek 
  The Champion (Maciej Barczewski), Autumn Girl (Katarzyna Klimkiewicz), Prime Time (Jakub Piątek), Faithbreaker (Piotr Złotorowicz), Balcony Movie. Step into My Frame (Paweł Łoziński), Anatomia (Ola Jankowska), We’ll Be Fine (Sylwester Jakimow), Masters of the Planet (Piotr Chrzan) 
  Fucking Bornholm (Anna Kazejak), Subuk (Jacek Lusiński), Goat Mountain (Andrzej Jakimowski), Gentlemen of Zakopane (Maciej Kawalski), Sorry, Poland (Kuba Czekaj), Norwegian Dream (Igor Devold), Trackers (Maciej Mądracki, Michał Mądracki, Gilles Lepore), Whilst the Heart Still Burns (Agnieszka Mania), I Wanna Be Yours (Grzegorz Mołda), Fears (Łukasz Ronduda) 
  Around 100 professionals from abroad have already confirmed their participation, including programmers from numerous international festivals, sales agents, distributors and film producers. 
  As part of the event, industry representatives from around the world take part in closed screenings to learn about the latest Polish films at every stage of production: they watch completed films and fragments at the post-production stage and they listen to pitchings about projects in production. Polish Days is an excellent opportunity for producers and directors to promote their projects and to find foreign partners. During the selection process, the organizers choose the most interesting films currently being made in the Polish market. Projects presented in past years included, among others, Corpus Christi, Dolce Fine Giornata, Monument, Silent Night, Panic Attack!, Spoor or The Last Family. 
  Organized since 2013 in cooperation with the Polish Film Institute, Polish Days is the most important industry event at the New Horizons International Film Festival. 
  Polish Days is co-organized by the Polish Film Institute and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Event partners include EAVE, Screen International, Coloroffon, No Problemo Music, Wrocław Film Commission, Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission, Łódź Film Commission, Podkarpackie Film Commission, DI Factory. 
  Media partners include Film Pro, Film New Europe and Film & TV Kamera.

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