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Mon Jun 8 17:25:09 CEST 2020

FYI. Two broad themes that likely intersect with research on this list...

Cineaction issue 100 is now online: http://cineaction.ca/


The next issue will focus on two themes.

*Film and Radical Politics in the Global Crisis*

A plague stalks the world and economies are collapsing. Are we forced to
imagine the end of the world *and* the end of capitalism? What is the
relationship of film and media to this terrifying live spectacle? How is it
represented? What place and responsibility for radical films and
filmmakers? What possible transformative or disastrous outcomes in this
moment of contradiction and crisis?

Films and filmmakers have a long history of involvement in moments of
social conflict and change, war and revolution. Soviet filmmakers in the
Russian revolution, Renoir and the French Popular Front, the avant-garde
cinema from Surrealism on, the Hollywood Reds and the blacklist, the NFB in
WWll, anti-fascism and Neo-Realism, the Third Cinema of anti-colonial
struggles from the fifties on, the enduring impact in both documentary and
fiction of the social movements of the sixties and the many New Lefts and
more… What is the current state of this radical lineage, what contemporary
explorations, what changed role for film and media now. Open to a wide
range of subjects and perspectives.

*Horror Films*

The horror genre remains enduringly popular, especially in this apocalyptic
moment, and often politically challenging, in films and television all over
the world. We welcome submissions on the genre, particular films,
directors, from any national, aesthetic or political perspective.

Submissions or queries to Scott Forsyth, sforsyth at yorku.ca or
cineaction at cineaction.ca

*Deadline: September 1, 2020*

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