<synthesis> Silicon Valley’s Entrepreneurial Capitalism Leaves Rubble in its Wake

Alexandra Juhasz ajuhasz1081 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 16:56:44 CEST 2020

For this episode of the podcast We Need Gentle Truths for Now, we consider the relations between digital tools, their corporate overlords, and the power we retain in our own bodies. We will hear a beautiful uncoiling of ideas between Video Vortex stalwart, Natalie Bookchin <https://bookchin.net/>, a media artist based in New York, and Molly Astley <https://medium.com/@mollyastley>, a British artist and writer. Together they will consider HardTruth Number 59 <https://scalar.usc.edu/nehvectors/100hardtruths-fakenews/59-silicon-valleys-entrepreneurial-capitalism-leaves-rubble-in-its-wake>: “silicon valley’s entrepreneurial capitalism leaves rubble in its wake.”

do not be distracted from the truth

that you make with your own body.

… tectonic assurance in fragile ground.” 

Their  engagements demonstrate how the chilling relations between capitalism, freedom, networks, and sustainability can be understood through our bodies, as well as the poems and truths through which we render our knowledge.

I hope you’ll take a listen!



Alex Juhasz
Distinguished Professor of Film
Brooklyn College, CUNY

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