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Thu Jul 16 11:04:25 CEST 2020

Dear INC friends

* apologies for cross-posting *

the thematic, multilingual blog "COVID-19 from the margins" [0], 
launched in May this year, is going strong, with over thirty 
contributions published so far (and in various idioms). We are happy to 
announce that we have secured another small pot of money to be able to 
pay a tiny contributor fee to authors of accepted entries who are in 
need (e.g., Global South, casual workers, students, practitioners, 

Consider submitting your blog post to covid19blog at data-activism.net.

In preparing your text, do not forget to review carefully the 
instructions, including the scope of the blog (human-centric stories 
from invisibilized communities during the first pandemic of the datafied 
society). [1]

Since a few weeks, we are also on Twitter: follow @BigDataSur to keep 
abreast of the latest entries!

We are also very excited to announce that the best contributions to the 
blog will appear in a multilingual, open-access volume in the awesome 
Theory on Demand series of the INC! [2]

We look forward to your contributions!

Stefania for the editorial team

[0] Visit https://data-activism.net/blog-covid-19-from-the-margins/

(English) and 

[2] https://networkcultures.org/blog/tag/theory-on-demand/

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