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Digital Sustainability - Special Thematic Issue
Call for papers in the Journal: Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance

Early Consideration of Abstracts: 15 August 2020
Notice of Interest: 30 August 2020
Article submission deadline: 31 October 2020
Reviews Returned: 15 January 2021
Revisions Due: 31 March 2021
Publication Schedule: Q3 of 2021

Special issue editors:
Massimo Ragnedda, Northumbria University (UK):
massimo.ragnedda at northumbria.ac.uk
Glenn Muschert, Khalifa University of Science & Technology (UAE):
glenn.muschert at ku.ac.ae

Overview of Special Issue
The issues of digital transformation and sustainability are extremely
timely. This is simultaneously the age of digital transformation and the
age in which humanity has established a coherent set of sustainability
goals to be achieved by 2030, namely the United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals (UN SDGs). What is less commonly discussed is the role
that digital technologies, digital skills, and digital social life will
play in the pursuit and maintenance of a sustainable future. This special
issue offers a forum for that conversation to emerge, as a venue in which
social scientists, STS scholars, and other digital scholars can explore the
concept of digital sustainability with an eye toward establishing a
conceptual framework for defining and theorizing digital sustainability,
for studying and assessing digital sustainability, and for plotting out
applied methodologies for implementing principles of digital sustainability
in real, augmented, and virtual spheres. Thus, the special issue on digital
sustainability will open up new scholarly and applied conversations
regarding precisely the intersection between digital aspects of human life
and wider sustainability concerns for humanity and the planet.

The aims of the project are to connect contemporary scholarship in digital
sociology with scholarship concerning sustainability, and thereby to carve
out a new sub-field for digital sustainability. The goals are as follows:

Establish a concept of digital sustainability, and to define the
theoretical and conceptual parameters of the idea. Map out methodological
approaches for the study and assessment of digital sustainability.
Conceptualize how digital sustainability can be enhanced in applied
settings. These goals will be met via the academic investigations assembled
in the special issue.

Indicative List of Anticipated Themes
-Theorizing digital sustainability
-Measuring sustainability
-Methodologies for assessment of digital sustainability
-Mapping plans to achieve digital sustainability
-Exploration of the role of advanced computing in digital sustainability,
such as ---AI, big data, quantum computing, blockchain, cryptocurrency
-Exploration of various forms of social reality as aspects of digital
sustainability, such as RL, VR, AR, and XR
-Exploration of digital sustainability and the human-computer interface(s)
-The relevance of digital skills in digital sustainability
-The role of digital infrastructure in digital sustainability
-E-waste, energy usage, and other ecological concerns
-The role(s) of infrastructure, hardware, or software in digital
-The role of formal social institutions (public, private, or NGO) in
digital sustainability

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