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Thu Oct 1 16:00:34 CEST 2020

Hey Krystian,

I stumbled across a book by Fabian Scheidler « Das Ende der Megamaschine
», just out in French.

I guess this is related somehow. See https://www.megamaschine.org/

Also, I wonder what is your relationship to the Fuck Google movement...

Good luck with your fight to preserve Berlin!


On 10/1/20 11:30 AM, Krystian Woznicki wrote:
> Hi,
> big tech is using the Covid-19 pandemic to take over Berlin. Amazon, for
> instance, one of the biggest profiteers of the crisis, is turning its
> logistics empire into ‘critical infrastructure.’ Meanwhile, workers are
> being romanticized as an ‘essential’ labor force in order to suppress
> their bargaining power: ‘heroes’ are expected to sacrifice themselves
> for ‘the greater good’ rather than go on strike. This neo-feudalism is
> crowned by Amazon’s soon-to-be erected tower in the heart of the city.
> How can workers, that is: how can we, join forces against the rising
> Technopolis?
> This was the starting question of a SILENT WORKS warm-up event in Berlin
> last week – an insightful and stimulating panel discussion with
> activists from “Berlin vs. Amazon” and “Berlin Tech Workers Coalition,”
> moderated by Magdalena Taube (Berliner Gazette). Preparing for the
> upcoming SILENT WORKS exhibition and conference as an
> “onsite/face-to-face” event in Berlin, Nov.7-28, it was an important
> experience, and we were happy about an inspiring audience in which –
> amazingly – also some participants/speakers of the SILENT WORKS
> conference showed up, including Phoebe Moore, Katharina Höne, and
> Gustavo Sanroman.
> Here are some pictures from the event by Andi Weiland:
> https://flickr.com/photos/berlinergazette/albums/72157713432698548
> Here is an audio recording by Modell Berlin/Radio Woltersdorf: 
> https://soundcloud.com/berliner-gazette/silent-works-modell-berlin
> If you find some time, please also look at the SILENT WORKS text series
> that we are running on Berliner Gazette (in German). In September we
> published new contributions by Jörg Nowak (“Arbeitskämpfe in Europa:
> Neubeginn einer Bewegung oder letztes Aufbäumen?”), Rebecca Puchta
> (“Tasten, Tippen, Tappen, Wischen, Klicken: Zur Un-/Sichtbarkeit der
> Arbeit von Fingern), and Timo Daum (“Gespenster des KI-Kapitalismus: Was
> es bedeutet, Geistesarbeiter*in in agilen Environments zu sein”). Here
> is the overview of latest texts:
> https://berlinergazette.de/feuilleton/2020-silent-works/
> For those of you who just now are tuning into the SILENT WORKS
> conversation, the English language edition of selected SILENT WORKS
> interviews on Mediapart.fr could be of interest, including conversations
> with Angela Mitropoulos, Tom Holert, and  Kerstin Guhlemann. You can
> find these texts here: https://blogs.mediapart.fr/krystian-woznicki/blog
> More info on the SILENT WORKS project you can find here:
> https://silentworks.info
> Best wishes,
> Krystian

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