<synthesis> Reimagining Art & Value Flows: The Sphere as Digital Commons (Nov 3-6, Stockholm)

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Reimagining Art & Value Flows: 
The Sphere as Digital Commons

When: Nov. 3rd to 5th 2020
Where: Stockholm (different venues)

Why: This 3 days initial working session will kickstart The Sphere multi-dimensional R&D process around art & value flows and contributive accounting. 

• Situating The Sphere within the P2P and commons-oriented R&D community 
• Mapping & generating an operative conceptual framework to be shared across all participants to the project

Event problematization in the form of a proto-manifesto:

An idea always exists as engaged in a matter – that is, as ‘mattering’. A problem is always a practical problem, never a universal problem mattering for everybody. 
Learning is always local.
Isabelle Stengers

The economy as we know it needs a full reset.  Everyone knows about it, but no one seems to know how to proceed. We need to un-do business as usual. We need to undo the economic forms that hold us captive and mesmerized.  We need to make our economy weird again.

We, the Sphere platform shapers, feel the need to propose an alternative organising system that distributes power differently between actors and stakeholders of the artworld; a system that incentivises artistic inventiveness, rather than stifling it. A new business network model for circus and the performing arts.  

One thing is clear: the time for merely complaining about one’s precarity is over. With the advent of blockchain technology, the economy has become a design question. 

The financial class doesn’t have the monopoly on risk-taking practices or the craft of its instruments. With the Sphere, we want to create a space where the circulation and experience of value is felt differently. A space that allows us to use our capacities to take risks and enter into metastable collective compositions, beyond what is considered “possible” – or insurable.  

How do we transform the traditional modes of value capture and re-open them for the benefit of the community? How do we transform economic loops into social and artistic flows - and back? 

We are always already at stake with each other, partnered all the way down, entre-preneurs and entre-donneurs – inter-holders and inter-givers – networked together to collectively distribute the risks and opportunities of living and making art. 


TUESDAY: Experiments in Commons-oriented Economies

9h30- 10h45: Geert Lovink 

10h45-11h: Break

11h - 12h15: Ela Kagel 

12h15-13h30: Lunch

13h30-14h30: Performance

14h30-15h30: Sara and Olle: Why the Sphere + Q&A

15h45-16h30: Cem on the Sphere as Web 3.0 Infrastructure + Q&A

WEDNESDAY: Relations & Shares

9h30-10h:30 Laura Lotti on the logic of Staking + 
10h30-11h: Erik Bordeleau on Commons & Derivative Sociality

12h15-13h15: Lunch

13h15-14h: Sphere @ SSE (with Emma) 

14h15-15h: Jay Gilligan (performance) 

15h-16h30 Joel’s magic online + workshop 

THURSDAY: Dreaming as organizing

9h30-10h45: Yael Sherill on organization in the performing arts
11h- 12h15: Pierre Guillet de Monthoux: Schwung Magic and organizational arts

12h15-13h30: Lunch 

13h30-15h30: Cem Dagdelen: Versions of the Sphere as cyber-physical infrastructure 
(Speculative Design workshop) 

15h- 16h30 Collective communication strategy + wrap up session 

About the Sphere: 
Inspired by the recent innovations in the field of distributed ledger technologies (blockchain) and P2P contributive economies, The Sphere is a radically innovative P2P community platform for self-organization and sustainable cooperation in the performing arts. Many among us have struggled with the bureaucratic inefficiencies and growing administrative costs incurred while trying to make art. The Sphere addresses this problem by allowing for different actors of the performing arts ecosystem - artists, cultural professionals, audience, cultural organisations and a wide range of sympathisers and other stakeholders - to initiate creative collaborations and implement new funding strategies. 

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