<synthesis> The illustrated principles of Nuovo Abitare

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The illustrated principles of Nuovo Abitare

Some time ago we gave a keynote presentation to Cumulus' Rome gathering
called Design Cultures, about the principles of what we're calling Nuovo
Abitare which, in our definition, is a substantial part of our contemporary
condition, in which so many of our rights and freedoms depend on data and

The keynote became an article which you can find here:


We have described some principles for Nuovo Abitarre, and they are shown in
the article through a series of practical projects that implement them in
some way

We would really like to open discussions about these definitions and
principles, also because around October we will be opening the Nuovo
Abitare Foundation in Rome, and there might be chances for collaboration if
you're interested

Thank you all for the kind attention
Salvatore Iaconesi

Art is Open Source -  https://www.artisopensource.net
Nuovo Abitare - https://abitare.xyz/
Human Ecosystems Relazioni - https://www.he-r.it/
Ubiquitous Commons - http://www.ubiquitouscommons.org
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