<synthesis> open workshop: Virtual Places for Critical Immersion and Collaborative Knowledge

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 hey folks!

Apologies for the crosspost! I hope this event might interest some of you:

Virtual places for critical immersion and collaborative knowledge
Workshop with Alexandra Antonopoulou and Eleanor Dare
May 28th, 10am EST, on Zoom

Register free at http://bit.ly/3vWLL2j

In the framework of the Museum Without Walls project, this workshop will
examine how virtual spaces can become places for knowledge generation and
collaboration. Alexandra and Eleanor will share their experiences in the
decade long Phi Books, a writing project engaged with human and non-human
creative collaboration, engaging with visual, sonic, animated, and embodied
storytelling. They will explore how to deploy technologies as heuristics
for collaboration and how to position virtual spaces as horizontal non
predetermined structures. They will also convey an ‘immerticritical’ -
immersive and critical - approach towards technology, language, and
image-making. At the end, participants will be able to originate their own
collaborative methods and experimental storytelling forms, with analogue
and digital ‘agents’ supporting the process across self-defined dimensions.

About the instructors:

*Eleanor Dare is a creative technologist with a PhD and MSc from Goldsmiths
Department of Computing as well as an MA in Creative Writing. Eleanor's
published writing critiques the neoliberal ideology of Smart Cities and AI
reductionism as well as the colonialism of Design Thinking. In the last two
decades Eleanor has exhibited many digital artworks and has published
numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed papers addressing computation, AI,
emerging narrative and systems of knowledge. These include chapters in
MIT’s Leonardo, as well as presenting pedagogic papers at Cambridge
University’s Faculty of Education. *

*Alexandra Antonopoulou is a UK based designer and a Course Leader at the
University of the Arts London. Alexandra has also taught design,
story-making and immersive environments modules at Goldsmiths and the Royal
College of Art. Her artistic practice has been showcased in various
galleries including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate Modern Gallery
and the London Design Museum. Her research examines child-play as well as
story-making, performance and design as tools for criticality and everyday
invention. *

* * *

Museum Without Walls is funded by the Espírito Santo State Cultural Offices
(Secult-ES) and counts with the support of the Canadian Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council and Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Canada. --
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