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Mon Dec 1 15:29:35 CET 2008

News from M2M Radio, Dec 1st 2008

Ahmed Isa will stand in court in Amsterdam from Tuesday 27th till Friday
30th of January, to defend himself against the accusation that he caused
the Schiphol Fire.

Miloud Fritass is at Rotterdam Airport detention center to be deported to
Morocco. The Rotterdam court has decided that the IND can do that.  The
secretary of state Albayrak has to answer questions asked in arliament,
before Fritass can be put on a plane. Probably Royal Air Maroc to
Casablanca (Flight AT581 from Schiphol Airport, Departure hall 3).

George Kvantrashvili accuses COA of illegally thowing him out of AZC
Leersum, accusing his 14 year old son to be involved in setting fore to
the washing room. Now his son and wife are put at risk of not getting
their residence permit and stay with George.  The court in Den Bosch will
hear the case on Thursday 4th of December at half past 3.

M2M radio will make the last live stream of 2008  in he Blue House on
Friday 5th of December, live from 7 p.m. At http://m2m.streamtime.org

M2M will celebrate its second birthday of Friday 13th of Febr in the Blue

On Friday the 19th of December there is a Christmas dinner in the
afternoon in Utrecht. Inivited are people who have been “geklinkerd”,
that's a Dutch treet meaning that you are thrown on the street from a
detention center, without any assistance or right.  If you go to the
dinner you can also get a free warm wintercoat. Are you “geklinkerd”, mail
to m2m<at>streamtime.org or call M2M 0624148872, just give your name and
size, no papers needed!

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