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Subject: [RK] A Call for An End to Immigration Detention - Planning meeting
	15th January 09 7.30pmSaturday, 20 December, 2008 7:33 PM

>   A Call for An End to Immigration Detention - Planning meeting 15th
>   January 09 7.30pm
> Saturday, 20 December, 2008 7:33 PM
> From:
> "Nina Yeo" <yoninayeo at hotmail.co.uk>
> , "Chiara Lauvergnac"
> Please forward to groups who may be interested!
> For An End to Immigration Detention
> Yarls Wood Immigration Removal Centre, Bedfordshire
> Saturday 21st March 2009.
> Demonstrate between 12-2pm
> Please join us in our call to end the detention of asylum seekers and
> immigrants, for freedom of movement and the right to stay!
> >An end to forced removals and deportations
> >An end to the detention of children and families
> >An end to the detention of torture survivors and victims of rape
> >An end to the expansion of the "detention estate" at Yarls Wood and
> everywhere
> >An end to the fast track system
> >An end to medical abuse in detention
> >An end to the use of violence upon removals
> Planning meeting:
> Thursday 15th January 2009 7.30pm @
> T&G, Transport House, 128 Theobalds Rd, Holborn, WC1X 8TN
> Info at: http://london.noborders.org.uk/
> Email: noborderslondon@ lists.riseup.net
> A staggering number of torture and rape survivors are detained as soon as
> they claim asylum and put on the fast track system (supposedly meant for
> dealing with claims that are  'clearly unfounded'), leaving them no time
> to prepare their cases. Over half of women imprisoned in 2006 had no legal
> representation. Of the 70% that reported rape, nearly half had been
> detained for over 3 months. Children, pregnant women, torture and rape
> survivors, people with severe mental health problems and other serious
> illnesses and disabilities are routinely detained, often for months or
> even years*. All detainees may face the prospect of being forcibly
> deported, often to countries where they face mortal danger. People are
> often assaulted on their way to the airport, beaten and injured by
> 'escorts' in the process of 'persuade' them to leave. (Medical Justice
> have documented over 300 cases).
>  (*according to the Home Office's own guidelines, all people in these
> categories should be detained 'only in very exceptional circumstances)
> Yarl's Wood was half destroyed by fire in 2002, following an uprising
> ignited by the ill-treatment of an elderly and sick woman by guards.
> Detainees were left locked all night in the burning building! The centre
> re-opened a year later with half the capacity and also housing women and
> children.  Similarly, Harmondsworth Deportation Centre went on fire in
> 2004, and in 2006 had to close down again due to damage caused by
> detainees during an uprising. Revolts, protests and hunger-strikes are
> such a common occurrence in the 11 detention centres operating in the UK
> that it would be impossible to document them all. Despite all that, the UK
> government want to increase detention capacity by 60 %! (the current
> capacity is 2500)

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