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3rd Commemoration of the Schiphol Fire

Today's program

Remember the dead.
Create new life.

The survivors are welcomed with coffee in the blue room of the  
Nicolaaskerk in Amsterdam by Theo Beussink. Today we commemorate our  
eleven killed friends by visiting the eleven wooden columnars close to  
the fence of the Schiphol East prison complex.

Address Schiphol East:

Ten Pol 64
Oude Meer 64
1438 AJ

Participants either come by car or take the train to NS Station  
Schiphol. The meeting point is at Delifrance on Schiphol Plaza where  
participants are pointed to transportation towards Schiphol East.

Three party tents are set up to shelter from the rain.
‘Theaterstraat’ takes care of light and podium.
Warm food and drinks are provided by ‘Rampenplan.’

The program starts at 2 pm.

At 7 pm there is a sober gathering at the Hoofdvaartkerk in Hoofddorp  
where, among others, mayor Theo Weterings will speak. After this  
gathering a bus will go to Schiphol East to hand over earth. This bus  
drives back to Schiphol Plaza around half past ten at night.

At 8 pm three Linden trees will be planted in the grass of the eleven  
people that did not survive.

We will continue till we finish our rituals, our art, and our  

We thank all the volunteers and artists that helped us organize this  

Mary-Ann and Noury have made a mobile collecting-box where people are  
able to donate financially or personal letters to the absent.  
Including Miloud Fritass, Ahmed Isa and all the others we were not  
able to trace as of yet.

Additionally, we would like to solidarily greet the prisoners inside  
the prison complex and warn them that they are not safe there…

We ask participants, spectators and the press to embrace this  
ceremonial art project with respect and to avoid unnecessary disorder.  
The authorities are informed and did not set conditions for this  
occasion. We ask the police and marechaussee only to approach the  
survivors without uniform. Politicians are invited to make apologies  
and to acknowledge this with a handshake.

We would like to thank Jan Pronk and other members of the ‘Comite van  
Aanbeveling’ for their support an former mayor Ed van Thijn for his  
much appreciated advice.

You can participate on the Internet as well. Sound and images are  
streamed from M2M Radio: HYPERLINK "http://m2m.streamtime.org" http://m2m.streamtime.org 

The united survivors and M2M Radio would like to thank ‘Het Blauwe  
Huis’ for their hospitality.

Miloud Fritass is not allowed to be be with us today. Tuesday Jo van  
der Spek and Co van Melle will visit him in the Lelystad prison.

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