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re all,

better late than never :P

while  in   Napoli  i   was  very  close   to  the   demonstration  in
Castelvolturno,  which i  couldn't  attend because  of  my feet  still
injured and tight timings of  my trip, still i've gathered around some
materials about it and heard from people.

it went  peaceful, mostly populated  by immigrants (lots  of Africans)
and  a  few  italians  from  the  autonomous  social  center  squatter
movements documenting it, also on the napolitan pirate TV "insu^tv"

mainstream  media gave ZERO  news about  it, despite  the fact  we are
talking about  thousands of  immigrants demonstrating on  the streets,
something that never really happened before

why  demonstrating? tons  of  reasons: people  dying  weekly on  boats
trying to  reach Lampedusa,  people beaten up  and burned  by fascists
under  the bridges of  all Italy,  fascism uprising  everywhere... and
most  importantly in Castelvolturno  where 6  Africans were  killed by
local  Camorra (Casalesi  clan)  as a  territorial  marking for  mafia
activities, full story in english here:

Pablo has  uploaded some  nice photos of  the demonstration,  one year
after   the  massacre,   on  his   profile  among   the   recent  ones

this is the italian call for the demonstration

in case you  like to interview people and have more  text let me know,
my friend Macedonio is real active on the Castelvolturno case

greets from Austria,  on my way back to .NL,  quite shocked by several
things i've  seen in  Italy, becoming an  extreme laboratory  where to
observe the european crisis of values....


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