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jo van der spek jo at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 13 16:30:40 CEST 2009

Public announcement. Do distribute widely please (Jo, M2M)

Major Campaign on Migration Politics going on in Amsterdam. NL

a chance to join the survivors of the Schiphol Fire!

check please and spread it out (Jo van der Spek, director of M2M)


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All this week Aug. 10-14) in Amsterdam,nl the Campaign Free Ahmed ISSA is
camping in front of the Palace of Justice in support of Ahmed Issa, who
stands in court accused of staring the Schiphol Fire that killed eleven
undocumented migrants, Oct. 26 2005.

Thursday evening at ca. 10.30 a visual art work by Lars Berg will
"explode" on the facade of the Palace. It is a videojamming, a.k.a. urban
projection including works by several young artists with frontruner Lars
The survivors of the fire can be seen planting a tree as part of the
memorial for the eleven dead of the Schiphol Fire, last Oct. 26. They key
slogan of the yearly commemoration, as designed by Cheikh "Papa" Sakho:

we are here

to make a life again

together as one.

The next memorial will be held on Monday 26th 2009 at the fence of the
detention Complex, that is still functioning to keep deportable migrants.

Location: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Schiphol Oost,
Ten Pol 64, Oude Meer.

check please and spread it out


youtube chaneel M2M

vimeo channel M2M

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