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Fri Feb 13 10:04:38 CET 2009

Celebrating 2 years of M2M Radio, migrant to migrant

On the 10th of February 2007 The Blue House roared with a new sound: the
sound of a radio being born.
We called it Radio Ruisriet, because we liked the association with the
sound of weeds and reeds that were whistling here when IJburg wasn’t.
There is one zen poet who wrote a few nice lines about Ruisriet, but
somehow we never laid our microphone to her lips.

Anyway, the new born radio baby was conceived as a tool in the hands of
the Schiphol People: the survivors of the Schiphol Fire and their friends,
buddies and other supporting activists, artists, reseachers and

The Blue House and the weekly live radio program around the dinner table
became a meeting place of all concerned. Here we commemorated the fire and
the dead, here we tried to make a life again.

We regard the fire as the final proof that it is inhuman to confine people
in a detention center, just because you deny their right to be here. The
price a society pays for excluding human beings is losing its humanity
itself. Humans are not banana’s. That is why we speak not only about the
fire. We deal with migrants, with migration, survival, art and
metamorphosis in general.

The mission of M2M is to make free communication and to look at migration
in a different way. Look with us, not at us.

M2M is 2 now and on its own feet. M2M is moving and growing like our
Moving Tree. We pop up in unexpected places.

Because we are everywhere!

M2M Radio

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