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Thu Jan 22 11:50:36 CET 2009


Live radio broadcast and dinner by M2M Radio in connection with the
exhibition Coalesce: Happenstance

SMART Project Space in collaboration with Het Blauwe Huis

Date: Friday 23 January
Time: 19.00 – 22.00 hrs
Location: Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, Chapel
Entrance: free
Stream: http://m2m.streamtime.org

To coalesce means to link, to merge, to mingle. The exhibition
‘Coalesce: Happenstance’ deals with these notions on different levels.

The broadcast of M2M Radio is a quite political take on the notion of
M2M Radio was initiated in 2007 by artist Papa Sakho (Cheikh
Sakho) and by radio journalist & media maker Jo van der Spek. M2M
Radio is a vehicle for the survivors of the so-called Schiphol Fire and
for migrants in general to show an alternative approach to migration.
As an environment of free communication the web radio station M2M
Radio produces connections between migrants, activists, artists, and
researchers. M2M Radio serves as a communication platform for
exchange of information and for reaching out to a wider environment of
migrants and activists. Broadcasts usually take place from Het Blauwe
Huis, a community art project in Amsterdam initiated by Jeanne van
Heeswijk. M2M Radio is one of the guests of Het Blauwe Huis.

A special broadcast takes place at SMART Project Space in the
framework of the exhibition ‘Coalesce: Happenstance’. Conversations
take place with ‘Coalesce’ artists Sophie Hope, Garrett Phelan, and
Bob & Roberta Smith, as well as with Jeanne van Heeswijk and Irene
den Hartoog from Het Blauwe Huis, and Jo van der Spek, Papa Sakho
and Jennifer from M2M Radio, Migrant to Migrant. There will be a live
acoustic music performance by Mustapha Boukhari (ud and guitar).

The radio show will be broadcasted in the exhibition space, the live
stream can be attended to throughout the evening.

*During the Schiphol Fire in 2005, eleven detained migrants / refugees

died. The Schiphol Fire was the result of a policy of creating a juridical
limbo, where irregular migrants and refugees who have exhausted their
ways to claim asylum were detained without limits, supposedly awaiting
transport to their home countries. See also


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