<m2m-eng> EU Charter: protest 14th of July

Jo van der Spek M2M jo at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 13 08:16:07 CEST 2009

dear all,

Following the information on the EU charter, deporting African sans-paiers 
to Africa from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, NL) due on the 15th, M2M 
(Migrant to Migrant Foundation) has informed the detainees and called on 
activists to stage a protest against the collective deportation of African 
migrants from Europe.

We choose Tuesday 14th of July, the French national day of freedom, equality 
and brotherhood to manifest our outrage at this EU-policy and our solidaity 
with the detained migrants.

M2M is in close contact with people detained at Schiphol Oost and Alphen aan 
den Rijn. See our web site and listen to them talking over he phone.


Since February a group of some 40 detained migrants has organized various 
protests, including a hungerstrike. The active support from outside gives 
them strength. Some of them have been released and feeds us with fresh 
information on life in detention.

Together we have choosen the form of protest: a day of silence. The 
detainees will not speak with guards, security, immigration services and 
possibly also boycot refugee Council and lawyers.

We also informed  collegues in Italy, France and Spain, in order to create a 
synchronized protest.

On Tuesday small groups of activists will stand at the gates and fences to 
salute the detainees. In silence, but visible. Hearing, seeing, silence. 
(Dressed up as monkeys).

However, we have found no confirmation or additional information on this 

We ask you to phone and write to your local and national authorities to 
demand in formation on this flight. And to write a letter of alert to the EU 
commissioner of Human Rights.

best regards

Jo van der Spek
Director of M2M Foundation
"promoting free communication of migrants"
tel +31624148872

no borders between us 

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