<m2m-eng> Fofana is free: live on M2M this evening

Jo van der Spek M2M jo at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 26 13:05:41 CEST 2009

Fofana is free

Last Wednesday M2M went out to Alphen to visuit Fofana en Imran Khan in 
The security did not let us do that, so we walked around the building to 
meer and greet the prisoners on the West and the east. We exchanged some 
names and numbers and try to communicate and facilitate.
Meanhwile, Fofana's lawyer had informed M2M that he would be released this 
very day! So we stayed around until we could embrace the man. We asked 
several guards coming out from work if they knew Fofana, but all refused to 
talk with us. They have strict instructions NOT TO COMMUNICATE.
Well, we don't and finally we met Fofana at the railway station, where he 
was dropped off.
He did not knbow that we were waiting for him, because the security had 
refused to tell him, so he was kind of lost.
He had never seen anything but prisons in the Netherlands. So there you are 
at a station under construction, with 2 have bags and nowhere to go.

So he was happy we found him! And then we went to a garden by the river and 
had a soft landing. And he started talking and talking.
We publish here some words, and will talk more with Fofana in the live 
prohgram this Friday evening.

You are welcome in our temporary studio in the SCUB
And on our web site, where you can listen live


no borders between us 

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