<m2m-eng> D-Day in Court for Schiphol People

Jo van der Spek M2M jo at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 3 09:07:00 CEST 2009

D-Day in Court

Today in the afternoon the judge will read the verdict against Ahmed Issa, 
accused of seting fire in his cell.
The camapign FREE AHMED ISSA has staged a big welcome in front of court. We 
may have to defend his freedom again, because even if he is acquitted, he 
may be bropught back to the detention complexd, for being undocumented.
We don't believe the IND and the Ministry of Justice will go to such an 
extreme, but how can we trust them?

The radical rapper Appa will perform on the street in front of the palace of 
Justice, together with other actors and musicians.
And of course the Schiphol People are here. Together as one.

Come and join us at Prinsengracht 436 (near Leidseplein)
Send message of support to m2m at streamtime.org
Donate some cash for the costs to 4864527 of All Included, Amsterdam, ref. 

After the verdict and the welcome ceremony we move to the Balie, around the 
corner across Leidseplein. Here we give a press conference and a theaterplay 
called "Donner". It is a opublic confession by the ex-minister of Justice, 
who we claim is the first responsible for the Schiphol Fire.

M2M Radio will stream the event in De Balie live from ca. 3 p.m.

Trouw published a short essay by philosopher Ernst van den Hemel. The 
complete long text is at http://www.vertrokkengezichten.net (in Dutch).
This essay is the start of a long due debate on how to deal with migrants in 
a human way.

On Tuesday November 3rd. the campaign organizes an "Illegal Tribunal": a 
rethinking of the fire, from various angles, to learn and change.

In the evening the Schiphol People are invited for an Iftar meal by 
Assadaaka, a social volunteer association in the Indische Buurt.

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