<m2m-eng> Welcome back Ahmed Issa

Jo van der Spek M2M jo at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 14 20:40:20 CET 2010

There will be a new trial of the Schiphol Fire after the supreme court on 
the 14th of december nullified the verdict of September 3rd 2009. Ahmed Issa 
was deported to Libya right after the verdict of 18 months for starting the 
The supreme court thinks the evidence against Ahmed is too thin. The death 
of eleven undocumented migrants in the fire was the responisibility of the 
prison authority, but they never stood in court.
The new trial will be held in The Hague some time next year. And Ahmed Issa 
will come back on condition that ne is no longer considered un unwanted 
Welcome back Ahmed Issa! 

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