<m2m-eng> Commemoration of the Schiphol Fire

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Tue Oct 26 18:59:45 CEST 2010

brothers and sisters

some people today made a commemoration of the Schiphol Fire. They did it in
the town hall of Hoofddorp.
They say it is is the last official commemoration of the fire.

We want to let yiou know that we don't do official commemorations.
We don't want to do this together with the authorities who can do no better
than build a new prison for undocumented migrants. They say this one will be
more humane.
We don't think that a prison for undocumented migrants can ever be humane.

migrants are normal and want more freedom

Papa Sakho, Jo van der Spek and Ben Duivenvoorden
Migrant to Migrant


Amsterdam, 26 oktober 2010

Cheikh Papa Sakho, peintre et createur Senegalais, vivant a Amsterdam.
Peintures a http://www.papasakho.nl/

Radio Migrant a Migrant at http://m2m.streamtime.org
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