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Thu Aug 23 21:50:17 CEST 2012

A Somali Olympic athlete has reportedly drowned while attempting to  
reach Europe on a migrant boat.

Runner Samia Yusuf Omar was trying to cross from Libya to Italy in  
April when the boat she was travelling in sank, according to Italian  

"Samia died in an incident when the Italian navy approached them when  
they ran out of petrol, and they asked for help, so the Italian ship  
threw some ropes over the side for them to catch and swim to the navy  
ship, but unfortunately she was one of seven people - six women and  
one man - who died trying to get on to the Italian ship by the  
ropes," she said.

Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera says Samia's fate only came to  
light when former Somali Olympic athlete Abdi Bile brought it up at a  

He mentioned Mo Farah, the Somali runner who moved to the United  
Kingdom aged 12 and triumphed in this year's Olympics.

"We are happy for Mo - he is our pride," he said. "But we will not  
forget Samia."


Meanwhile, Somali refugees in the netherlands, together with Iraqi's  
Irani's and many others continue their stgruggle. Every week they  
protest somewhere against the way they are denied an existence.
M2M supports the struggle in various ways.
On Sunday 26 we are present at the Fullcolourfestival in Emmen.
On Saturday 1 September we hold a work conference in Arnhem to learn  
from the camp in ter Apel.

You can help M2M to support the movement of refugees-on-the-street.
Show hospitality to refugees.
Confront your favorite politicians.
Make a donation on banknr. St. M2M, Amsterdam

look with us, not at us


cheers Jo van der Spek

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