<m2m-eng> We Are Here: July 7th In Amsterdam

Jo van der Spek M2M jo at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 5 09:00:29 CEST 2012

M2M invites you to our new initiative with the Refugees on the Street of 


Images from the refugee camp in Ter Apel

Two presentations on Saturday 7 juli 2012 in Amsterdam in:
     Kaffa, de Ethiopion coffeehouse in the Czaar Peterstraat 130 from11 
a.m.: Photo exposed
     NIMK (Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst) , Keizersgracht 264 18 uur: 
Website Launch WijZijnHier.org


is an exhibition of people on the move with photo's, films and sounds of the 
protest camps that take place at the immigration and deportation Complex at 
Ter Apel in the north of The Netherlands since November 2011.
The last camp lasted from May 8th until May 23rd, when the authorities 
evicted the camp. Hundreds of refugees-on-the-street from eight different 
countries, but mainly from Iraq and Somalia, were protesting in a 
self-managed tent camp against their forced deportation or alternatively 
out-lawed existence on the street. They have nowhere to go. They are 
supported by indigenous activsists and people living around. The protest 
camp generated massive media exposure including  a televised debate in 
parliament. In The Netherlands some 20.000 underdocumented migrant have to 
live on the streets, or in detention.
The fate of the campers is at this moment still insecure. Most are now in 
AZC's (reception centres for asylum seekers). Some are again in hiding.
We Are Here is a continuation of  the camp with other means: We are 

For more information please contact :
M2M, Jo van der Spek 06- 51 06 93 18
m2m at streamtime.org
http://wijzijnhier.org (under construction)

Facebook: We are here
Twitter: @wearehere

This is a non-profit project of M2M. We welcome your contributions.
Bank: St. M2M, Amsterdam (WAH)

supported by Hollandse Hoogte, Harry Cock, Fotolab Kiekie, Vluchtelingwerk, 
Puscii, Kaffa, Occupy Rotterdam, Int. Fed. of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR), 
Amsterdam Hacker Space, e.v.a.

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