<m2m-eng> News from the refugees camoping in Amsterdam and ellingen

Jo van der Spek M2M jo at xs4all.nl
Fri Sep 7 08:34:17 CEST 2012

Update from the Refugee Camps in the World Garden in Amsterdam and in  
Sellingen (Gr.)

On Thursday evening a nice big tent came to the Winter Garden behind  
the World House with real beds for some 10 people to sleep. The  
Protestant Diacony agreed to provide this shelter to support the  
purpose of the action that started last Tuesday (4th of sept). The  
purpose of the action is to push forward to realize places to go for  
refugees on the street before winter sets in.

This means that in the night there will be peace and quiet in the  
camp. There is place for those who come and really need it. But it is  
not an invitation to everybody to come now for sleeping.

On the other hand, in the day time, the garden is a great space for  
various activities for people on the street. It is not only for  
underdocumenyed refugees, also the union of homeless gets together  
here, see: http://wereldhuis.org/en/

In the daytime, the World garden is now a meeting place for all who  
want to contribute to develop the struggle of the regfugees. Finbally  
everybody needs a place to be, a health insurance, the right to work  
and school. The first priority is to make shelter for all before it  
gets cold. We can do that, if we come and stay together and join  
hands with friends.

On the other end of Holland, the 40 men of the camp in Sellingen  
walked all the way to the IND in Ter Apel to demonstrate and demand  
solutions from IND for those who have nowhere to go. The IND invited  
the campers for a meeting, but since they had nothing to offer, the  
meeting did not take place. And the campers walked back to their  
camp. They have permission to be there until the 14th of September.  
What is the next move?

Let us move together, from Summer Camp and World Garden to Winter  
Gardens and warm place to be!

You can join us and we will join you, for a better life on the planet.

Amsterdam: World Garden, behind the World House, Nieuwe Herengracht  
20 (near Waterlooplein, next to Hermitage)
Sellingen: Dorpsstraat 1, bus from  Emmen to Stadskanaal.

Friday at 11 a.m. there is a concert by the homeless band Klinkerorkest.
 From 5 PM the World House Band is playing.

And every day: General Meeting in the Garden at 7 pm

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