<m2m-nl> M2M zoekt lift naar parijs

Jo van der Spek M2M jo at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 27 23:06:31 CEST 2009

      M2M zoekt een lift naar Parijs
      Komend weekend 2 en 3 mei is er een Eurotop tegen het Detentiecomplex 
en voor de opstanden die overal in Europa uitbreken. Daar wil M2M natuurlijk 
bij zijn. Maar ons geld is op, daarom zoeken we een lift voor Jo en Sakho, 
liefst a.s. vrijdag 1 mei vanuit Amsterdam.

      Weet je iets of heb je wat, bel Jo van der Spek op M2M 0624148872

      Op vertro

      kkengezichten.net  staat een overzicht van verzetsakties dat de mensen 
in Parijs hebben voorbereid (In 't Frans). En dat vullen wij graag aan!

      Zie ook m2m.streamtime.org voor laatste nieuws over akties van 
migranten in Italie (Napels en Milaan).

      Dit is de aanleiding voor de Eurotop: Franse zondebokken!

      Les sans-papiers enfermés à Vincennes se sont révoltés.

      Freedom for all the accused of the Fire of Vincennes!

      Since the end of 2007, the detainees of Vincennes (France), like many
      others detainees of detention centers for migrants, have ceaselessly
      struggled for their freedom. They have demonstrated and gone on hunger
      strike, they have refused to be counted or to come back in their
      rooms, they have burnt their mattresses.
      The 9th of April a detainee of the center was already saying: "we have
      to think about struggling differently. People and cops don't give a
      shit about the hunger strike. They don't give a shit about sans-
      papiers. They don't give a shit if we die. People eat razor blades
      every day and nobody hears about them. The little things we do are not
      worth it. We have to create a damned mess to put them under pressure."
      On June 21st 2008, a Tunisian called Salem Essouli died because of a
      lack of medical care. The next day, a silent demonstration organized
      by the detainees was harshly crushed. Then a revolt blew up, and the
      center was destroyed by fire. That night, the detainees were
      transferred to other centers all over the country:  Rouen-Oissel,
      Lille-Lesquin, Nîmes-Courbessac, Palaiseau, Mesnil-Amelot et Paris-
      dépôt-Cité. Salem Essouli's family has registered a complaint in

      The center of Vincennes had 280 beds, its destruction means less
      arrests and deportations. During the next months we could observe a
      clear diminution of razzias and deportations in Paris. That's why the
      state hurrried to build a new center in the same place, which opened
      in November 2008.

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