<MoneyLab> Feminist Economics Football: A Cooperative Game

Inte Gloerich inte at networkcultures.org
Mon Aug 23 10:52:00 CEST 2021

This short film documents a football match that took place on Cathkin Park in June 2021. The match was played between 3 teams: Degrowth, Decolonisation and Climate Action, all aiming to form allegiances rather than beat the other teams. It was a playful way of looking at the intersection of these struggles and how a truly feminist approach to economics can’t function without all of these things being taken into account.

https://ailierutherford.com/projects/feminist-economics-football/ <https://ailierutherford.com/projects/feminist-economics-football/>

Feminist Economics Football was created by artists Ailie Rutherford, Sapna Agarwal and Mandy Roberts for Feminist Exchange Network
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