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Krystian Woznicki kw at berlinergazette.de
Thu Oct 28 08:13:16 CEST 2021

Dear comrades,

the Berliner Gazette's most recent project "Black Box East" takes East
Germany as a starting point for a critical inquiry of “post-communist”
states as laboratories of blackboxed processes of privatization and
globalization. And – following up on our 2020 project "Silent Works" –
there is also a thread on automation and logistification of work and the
silenced struggles of laborers within and against this tendency.

The "Black Box East" website bundles expansive materials on these
issues, including video talks, workshop projects (multimedia stories,
two games, a digital exhibition, and an audio play), art works, and many
texts. Please have a look here: https://blackboxeast.berlinergazette.de

Some days ago Dunja Nešović published a review-like blog post on the

Since we wish to get the word out to as many people as possible, we are
now looking for outlets/authors to publish/write reviews – do you have
any ideas for that?

Kind regards, Krystian (for the BG team)


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BLACK BOX EAST – "Post-Communist" Laboratories of Globalization
BG Project 2021: Workshops, Texts + Artworks


SILENT WORKS – The Hidden Labor in AI-Capitalism  
BG Project 2020: Exhibition, Conference + Texts


MORE WORLD – How Can We Cooperate Across Borders to Tackle Climate Change?
Results from BG’s 20th Anniversary Event: Videos, Audios, Projects + Texts 


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