<MoneyLab> Diamond Hands Book Kickstarter Captures GameStop Nostalgia

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Wed Jan 19 20:30:58 CET 2022

> From: "Brendan at Diamond Hands History, LLC" <brendan at apestrongpublishing.com>
> Subject: Diamond Hands Book Kickstarter Captures GameStop Nostalgia
> Date: 19 January 2022 at 1:02:13 pm GMT+1
> Next week will mark a full year since the so-called GameStop Short Squeeze, which peaked on January 28th, and is already sparking viral content across Reddit and other social media platforms. People are already waxing nostalgic toward last year’s antics, and the sentiment is about to reach a climax.
> We, Diamond Hands History, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign <https://clicks.prowly.com/c/c1A/cdA0/t_U-o9X6fIcMYT_9yiCKhQ/a6C/mHrV/F/2c0bc751> that just made its minimum funding goal of $20k and are happy to see increasing interest as we arrive at its final weeks. Diamond Hands: The GME Archive <https://clicks.prowly.com/c/c1A/cdRy/t_U-o9X6fIcMYT_9yiCKhQ/a6C/mHrV/F/9d42dccd> is a gorgeous trophy of a book that commemorates popular GameStop memes, posts, and comments made in the infamous r/WallStreetBets, with fully signed consent from the Redditors in question. We’ve partnered with the world-class illustrator Joe White of Ye Old Studio to create the cover and the critically-acclaimed designer Stephen Kelman to compile the manuscript.
> This is a unique occasion to engage the interest of retail traders as they reminisce about their historic confrontation with Wall Street just a year ago. If you find our project interesting, please let me know if I can help you with anything. The press release can be found at this location <https://clicks.prowly.com/c/c1A/cdRF/t_U-o9X6fIcMYT_9yiCKhQ/a6C/mHrV/F/0f8f03de>, along with a set of images of the cover and model manuscript. I have also attached a copy to this email.
> Brendan Cabezon
> Diamond Hands History, LLC
>  <https://clicks.prowly.com/c/c1A/cdRc/t_U-o9X6fIcMYT_9yiCKhQ/a6C/mHrV/F/1f18f0f7>	Diamond Hands Ki...ease.pdf
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