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Right Click Save: Online magazine for critical conversation about NFTs

Interview by Chelsea with ‘Line Goes Up’ Dan Olson (via Patrice Riemens)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8St36RjHd2E <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8St36RjHd2E>

"Hyperstructure: Crypto protocols that run for free and forever, without maintenance, interruption or intermediaries"
https://jacob.energy/hyperstructures.html <https://jacob.energy/hyperstructures.html>

Comment of Eduard de Jong: “Hyperstructure does nothing useful, except that it doesn't stop doing nothing useful, which makes it very valuable. The very same hype language. Other give away is the referring to incentives and the hype language and slick website. Any peer to peer network runs for ever. Full stop. That is it runs until the last nodes pulls the plug, or until the last telecom operator does so. Unstopability is not a feature of blockchain specific."

NY New Media Art Curator Christiana Paul on NFTs

Ed Zitron: Solutions That Create Problems
https://ez.substack.com/p/solutions-that-create-problems <https://ez.substack.com/p/solutions-that-create-problems>

BitConnect founder indicted for $2.4 billion cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme (via Eduard)
https://www.zdnet.com/finance/blockchain/bitconnect-founder-indicted-in-2-4-billion-cryptocurrency-ponzi-scheme/ <https://www.zdnet.com/finance/blockchain/bitconnect-founder-indicted-in-2-4-billion-cryptocurrency-ponzi-scheme/>

NFTs Have Suddenly Become 21st-Century War Bonds

Cryptocurrency as the New Frontline in the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Tante’s Web3 Critique (in German, via Michael Seemann)

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