[re-search] Questions for Google

Jürgens, Pascal pascal.juergens at uni-mainz.de
Mon Jan 13 15:41:58 CET 2014

Dear list members,

(sorry for the short notice)

As part of a larger research project, I'll be meeting with several Google representatives including search engineers tomorrow.
We'll have the opportunity to ask questions, and I wanted to hear if anyone of you has an issue that is particularly dear to your heart. If it fits in, I'd love to ask them about any of your questions.

I don't yet know about NDAs, so I can't promise a full disclosure, but I'll try my best!

The main topics will be privacy, personalization and media literacy.

Best regards from Mainz,

Pascal Jürgens M.A.
Tel. +496131/39-25638
Research Associate, Dept. of Communication
U of Mainz, Germany

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