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========= Call for Papers =========================

Popular web search engines are dominating the public perception of search engines. The fact that there is a large spectrum of specialized search solutions for broad application fields sometimes fades into the background although these solutions are frequently used.

The term vertical search solution should be interpreted in a wide sense. Specialized target groups as well as special domains and search items are only some examples. Also aspects such as web mining, enterprise search, or shop search are relevant. The same holds for searching other media types (images, videos …). However, the focus should not lie on the description of new image analysis techniques, etc. Of particular interest is the goal-oriented developed and customized search solution motivated from an application context. The presented systems should run live and be outlined in the issue as a holistic system. The issue wants to give an overview on the variety of vertical search solutions and to show how search solutions for concrete tasks can be designed and implemented.

For the presented search solution the following aspects should be addressed:

·         Description of the concrete problem to solve
·         Concept of the applied search solution
·         Differences to other search solutions in the same domain
·         Experiences with the search solution / evaluation

Possible topics for the issue are for example:

·         Search solutions for special target groups (children, the elderly ...)
·         Search engines for special domains (the arts, medicines ...)
·         Hybrid search engines combining web content with database content
·         Product search, shop search, expert search, …

Of course, the search systems can use existing frameworks which are innovatively used in the concrete task.

Format: 8 pages, two-column; a pure text page has approx. 800 words; (shorter submissions with 4 or 6 pages are also welcome), submissions are welcome in German or English.
Announcement of a submission to the editors with a short abstract: 15th July 2016
Submission deadline: 1st October 2016
Issue online: March 2017

Guest editors:
Andreas Henrich, University of Bamberg
andreas.henrich at uni-bamberg.de
Daniel Blank, University of Bamberg
daniel.blank at uni-bamberg.de
Dirk Lewandowski, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
dirk.lewandowski at haw-hamburg.de

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