[re-search] Master's thesis in Conservation of New Media and Digital Information (Stuttgart) about Archiving Search Engine Results

Mona Ulrich mona.ulrich at stud.abk-stuttgart.de
Sun Mar 10 18:34:29 CET 2019

Hello to everyone, 

This is my first Mail sending via Mailing List, I hope this is not a misuse.

I'm Mona Ulrich and currently studying in Stuttgart Conservation of New Media and Digital Information.

In April, I will start writing my master's thesis about search engine results and a possibility to archive them. 

Therefor I will check out the webarchiving tools Webrecorder (from Rhizome) and Brozzler (from Internet Archive),

and how they are applicable to the demands of the object.

I am reading the Society of the Query reader, which is very helpful. 

I am not writing with a concrete purpose; If there is someone interested in a dialog or further informations to give or get, I would be pleased.

lots of greetings,

Mona Ulrich
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