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Due to the limited capacity of the venue, the roundtable Data-Driven  
Journalism: What is there to Learn, is not open to everyone. However,  
if you are interested: you can still follow the presentations and  
discussions online, as the entire event will be recorded and the  
videos will be posted on the event website: http://datadrivenjournalism.net/ 
. If you wish to post questions for the data-driven journalism  
speakers and share your suggestions and insights on this promising new  
field, join the Data-Driven Journalism group on the EJC Online  
Community. Please mark-up related tweets on Twitter, with the hashtag  
Best, Paulien

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> From: Geert Lovink <geert at xs4all.nl>
> Date: August 16, 2010 11:34:51 AM CEDT
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> Subject: [Nettime-nl] Data-driven journalism: What is there to  
> learn? 24 August, 2010, Amsterdam
> Data-driven journalism: What is there to learn?
> 24 August, 2010, Amsterdam
> Ten, even five years ago, the use of data as a basis for reporting was
> difficult and costly, requiring IT skills far beyond what is common in
> media. Databases were used mainly by investigative journalists.  
> Editors and
> reporters usually relied on information provided by outside sources.
> Today there is a notable change. Collections of data are becoming  
> available
> online, often for free. There is a whole stack of tools to dig into  
> ‘big
> data‘. Open source tools allow navigation and analysis of large  
> amounts of
> data rather quickly. There are online applications that allow us to  
> share
> and visualise data.
> Developing the know-how to use the available data more effectively, to
> understand it, communicate and generate stories based on it, could  
> be a huge
> opportunity to breathe new life into journalism. Journalists can  
> find new
> roles as ’sense-makers’ digging deep into data, thus making  
> reporting more
> socially relevant. If done well, delivering credible information and  
> advice
> could even generate revenues, opening up new perspectives on business
> models, aside from subscriptions and advertising.
> In this context, the European Journalism Centre in collaboration  
> with the
> University of Amsterdam organises the first round table on data-driven
> journalism. The one day event brings together specialists in fields  
> which
> intersect with data-driven journalism: data mining, data  
> visualisation and
> multimedia storytelling to discuss the possibilities of this  
> emerging field,
> examine and understand the needed tools and workflows, and spread the
> know-how for data-driven journalism. What can we learn from the  
> existing
> projects? How can we integrate the existing tools in the journalistic
> workflows? What skills are needed to enter this field? These are  
> just a few
> of the issues which will be addressed in this event.
> The programme includes speakers from: The New York Times (US), The  
> Financial
> Times (UK), The Times (UK), The University of Amsterdam  
> (Netherlands), The
> Open University (UK), The Open Knowledge Foundation (UK),  
> Medienkombinat
> (Germany) Hacks/Hackers (US), OWNI (France) IBM (France), Ultra  
> Knowledge
> (UK), KB Consulting (Germany). The roundtable is chaired by Mirko  
> Lorenz,
> DDJ Project leader, EJC and Innovation projects, Deutsche Welle.
> To share your suggestions and insights on what is needed for  
> journalists to
> enter this promising field, please join the data-driven journalism  
> group on
> the EJC Online Community <http://community.ejc.net/> . To attend the  
> event,
> please fill in the online application form
> <https://ejcnet.wufoo.com/forms/registration-form-ddj-amsterdam-24-aug/ 
> > .
> There is no registration fee but the attendees are expected to  
> arrange and
> cover their own transportation and accommodation.
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