<unlike-us> call for participants: FREEPORT 0 - Trespassing the data factory

Bani Brusadin bani at theinfluencers.org
Thu Apr 26 18:12:00 CEST 2018

dear Unlikers

I'm organizing an early-summer camp led by Vladan Joler and Share Lab
(http://labs.rs/) in Barcelona. It's especially aimed at *artists,
designers, technologists, hacktivists, graduate and post-graduate
students, visual storytellers, writers*. It's an experiment we're
launching out of The Influencers festival (http://theinfluencers.org/)
and, ideally, we would love to mix people with lots of experience with
young experts. The program looks very technical but we're actually want
to promote a creative approach to the complex technical, aesthetical and
political issues at stake.

Here are the basics:

FREEPORT 0: Trespassing the data factory is a 5-day program led by
Vladan Joler and the Share Lab. Together we will perform a data-driven
investigation with the purpose of understanding infowar, performing
data, and telling stories.

DAY ONE : Network Topology and Tracking Forensics
DAY TWO : Email Metadata Analysis (Do-It-Yourself NSA)
DAY THREE : Browsing Surveillance
DAY FOUR : Mapping Information Warfare
DAY FIVE : Investigating Corporate Black Boxes

Applications deadline May 20
Contents, guidelines, price ☞ https://freeport.institute/


Bani Brusadin
The Influencers http://theinfluencers.org/
FREEPORT https://freeport.institute

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