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Due to some server complications + unforeseen obligation the deadline has
been extended. As before, contributions can be submitted to
lidia at majesticmoo.se, lidia.pmr at gmail.com or nikos.vv at gmail.com

On Sat, Dec 8, 2018 at 2:30 PM Lídia Pereira <lidia.pmr at gmail.com> wrote:

> After three years of (semi) regular existence, wherein we have touched on
> topics ranging from Terms of Service, Smart Cities and Immateriality, it is
> now high-time that the Pervasive Labour Union zine <http://ilu.servus.at/>
> takes a very close and serious look at the universe of the alternatives.
> Alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: you name it.
> What do these alternatives look like? Sure, plenty of services advertise
> themselves as "The alternative", but are they really all they claim to be?
> What are the requirements of a 'true' alternative?
> The Pervasive Labour Union zine already broached some of these topics on
> its Special Issue with the Homebrewserver Club on XMPP - "Have you
> considered the alternative?" <http://ilu.servus.at/issue9.html>. To
> follow the HBSC’s strategy,  a premium should be put on alternative
> approaches, not on any specific alternative apps.
> We need federated social networking solutions based on open standards that
> are able to communicate among themselves, regardless of the platform being
> used.
> Looking forward, what the new issue intends to achieve is a broader, more
> in-depth look at the field of The Free Network, which, according to Sean
> Tilley's article on the topic
> <https://medium.com/we-distribute/a-quick-guide-to-the-free-network-c069309f334>
> [
> https://medium.com/we-distribute/a-quick-guide-to-the-free-network-c069309f334],
> includes both The Fediverse and The Federation networks. These networks are
> comprised of projects such as Diaspora, Mastodon, GNU Social, etc. Which
> protocols can and are being developed to achieve interoperability between
> the different alternatives? How do scale and trust influence the field?
> What are the forces at play within this realm and how to engage with them?
> With this issue, we propose not only to collect a field guide of sorts,
> but also to open up the discussion on the alternatives and how to tackle
> the challenges posed by network effects, scalability and financial
> viability.
> As always, we welcome:
> - Texts (max. 1000 words). Texts can range from satire, theory, poetry,
> propaganda, educational etc. to personal rants;
> - Images (illustration, photo montage, photography, etc.);
> - Any other creative interventions that you might consider fit with the
> theme.
> DEADLINE: February 5th
> You can submit your contribution to lidia at majesticmoo.se,
> lidia.pmr at gmail.com or nikos.vv at gmail.com
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