<unlike-us> Bringing back the EFF's Secure Messaging Scorecard from the dead

Paul Sulzycki paulmx at tuta.io
Tue Feb 19 20:01:24 CET 2019

INC folks! I'm resurrecting a project I loved, a scorecard for objectively assessing communication software to find a handful of the best, safest options. It's a monster of a project and I'd love to have as much input as possible. I've started gathering everything on https://gitlab.com/qqn/dctrl <https://gitlab.com/qqn/dctrl>... would anyone like to contribute? It's still in its fledgling state but I'm excited to see it lift off into something useful soon. I look forward to finding helping hands to contribute, even if that's just through conversation or simply telling me what to update!


Paul Sulżycki
MSc, RMT, spmx.ca <https://spmx.ca/bio>
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