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Subject: [Commlist] regional symposia on social media regulation
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*We are approaching you with the offer to participate at the EU-wide 
policy discussion and cooperation aiming at regulatory policies for 
social media.*

*Specifically, within COMPACT Project* (*_*compact-media.eu <http://compact-media.eu/>*_ 
<http://compact-media.eu/ <http://compact-media.eu/>>*)*

_Home - COMPACT_ <http://compact-media.eu/ <http://compact-media.eu/>>

COMPACT is a Coordination and Support Action funded European Commission 
under framework Horizon 2020. The project duration is 3 years: Oct 2017 
– Oct 2020

_compact-media.eu <http://compact-media.eu/>_ <http://compact-media.eu/ <http://compact-media.eu/>>

We are preparing small regionalsymposia for stakeholders. There we would 
like to present anEU-wide context of the possible applicationsof various 
suggested regulatory proposals, as well as other recent and relevant 
regulatory findings, proposals, and trends, both from theoretical and 
practical standpoints.

The first international symposium will be geographically focused toward 
Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. However, the 
topics of Symposium are multiregional.

In the follow up period, there will be symposia held in Munich, 
Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, Sofia and Riga. Each symposium will have 
its own key focus. For example, some symposia will be discussing the 
role of judiciary and legal systems within social media regulation. 
Other symposia will pay more attention to the assessment of new 
regulatory measures at national and EU levels. There will be symposia 
that will discuss in depth the regulation of social media from the point 
of view of users and providers, or from the point of view of regulators.

We would appreciate if you could let us know your possible interest in 
any of these symposia.

A week before the event participants will receive up to date 
information-analytical materials in English and in some cases in local 
languages (German, Bulgarian,....) .

Your own presentation is not necessary - however, participation in 
discussion is expected (Considering small format and aim of the symposia).

Should you prefer to present your own or others ideas on the topic, or 
to share critical comments on presented materials, please send us such 
materials a week, atthe latest, before theparticular event. at latest.

The first symposium will be held on *February 20/21, 2019 in Bratislava, 

The aim is to identify challenges, find solutions and suggest 
recommendations. *

After the symposium, there will be presentations andsummaries of key 
ideas that were raised in discussion or submitted separately.

If you are not interest, or not available for the upcoming symposium, 
please be so kind as to share this information with your colleagues and 
other relevant stakeholders.

The relevant stakeholders include, for example, public administrations 
representatives, lawmakers, regulators, judges, prosecutors, policemen, 
lawyers, internet services and platform providers and users, publishers 
and broadcasters, representatives of non-governmental sectors, teachers, 
researchers, journalists, creative industries, etc.

There is no fee for participation.

The language of the symposium is in English, but in some cases local 
organisers may provide simultaneous translation to local languages.

Please find attached preliminary program of the first symposium.

Event Manager:

Ing. Ľubica Adamcová, tel: +421 948 018 134

e-mail:lubicaadamcova at gmail.com/ <http://e-mail:lubicaadamcova@gmail.com/>
/School of Communication and Media, n.o.

Handlovska 45, Bratislava, Slovakia (EU)

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in


*Lessons Learned, Policies Suggested, Trends Forecasted*

20.-21.2.2018, Bratislava, Slovakia

*Preliminary Program*

Date: 20.2. 2019

Venue: Slovenský Syndikát novinárov (Slovak Syndicate of Journalists)
Župné námestie 7 (Zupne Square 7)

*13:00 - 13:10* *Welcome*

*13:10 - 14:30* *Research Agendas and Roadmaps in Europe*

Tomasz Anussiewicz, Dr Andrej Školkay, SCM, Slovakia, Dr Munir 
Podumljak, PSD, Croatia, Oles Kulchytskyy, AEI, Ukraine

*14:30 - 15:00* *Coffee break*

*15:00 - 16:00* *Fake News/Hoaxes and Social Media Regulation*

John Boyd, SCM, Slovakia, Ivan Brada, Slovak Section of Assocation of 
European Journalists, Slovakia, Dr Viera Žúborová, BPI, Slovakia, Dr 
Nelson Ribeiro, UC, Portugal, Daniel Milo, Globsec,

Date: 21.2. 2019

Venue: Goethe-Institut Bratislava, room: Library Panenská 33 (Panenska street 33)

*9:00 -10:30* *Media Regulators and Social Media Regulation: New Challenges *

Dr Ľuboš Kukliš, ERGA, chairperson, Michal Hradický, Board for 
Broadcasting and Retransmission, Slovakia, Dr Ewa Galewska, Wroclaw 
University, Poland, Tibor Macák, European Association of Journalists, 
secretary general, ,

*10:30 - 11:00 *Coffee break*

*11:00 - 12:30* *Future Trends in Social Media *

Dr Andrej Školkay, Igor Daniš, SCM, Slovakia, Dr. Lukasz Porwol, NUI, 
Ireland, Annika Link, Denmark.

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