<unlike-us> Another attention sink

José María Mateos chema at rinzewind.org
Thu Nov 14 12:38:30 CET 2019

So far, only the FT seems to carry it properly:


(Paywalled link, sorry). Headline: "Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales 
launches Twitter and Facebook rival"


Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has quietly launched a rival to 
Facebook and Twitter that he hopes will combat “clickbait” and 
misleading headlines. 

WT:Social, his new social-networking site, allows users to share links 
to articles and discuss them in a Facebook-style news feed. Topics range 
from politics and technology to heavy metal and beekeeping.

Exactly what we need. Also, looks like the ethos is pretty well defined: 
"WT:Social is also operating a wait-list for new users, which donors can 
pay to skip."


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